Everyone Hates Phone Tag
client booking appointment from phone

Everyone Hates Phone Tag

The phone rings, but you’re in an appointment and can’t get to it. Maybe they’ll leave a message, maybe not. At best you’ve started a game of phone tag. At worst, the client calls a different therapist and business is lost. Both scenarios cost you time and money.

Achieve Phone Freedom With Online Booking

ClinicSense online scheduling expands your opportunities to book clients. That missed phone call? How about mentioning in your voicemail “if you’re looking to book an appointment, visit www.my-website.com to see my availability and conveniently book online”. That missed opportunity is now a booked appointment. Your clients will love the convenience and missed calls and telephone tag will be drastically reduced. And checking your calendar is easy with access from any computer or phone.

A Therapist’s Worst Nightmare
text message reminder for massage treatment

A Therapist’s Worst Nightmare: No-Shows

A missed appointment not only means a wasted hour of your time, it means $50 to $100 in lost revenue (which can quickly add up to over $5000/year). Some therapists take the initiative to call clients the day before their appointment, but that’s time you’d rather spend doing other things like going home early to spend time with family & friends.

Email & Text Reminders Reduce No-Shows

ClinicSense will automatically email or text your clients the day before their appointment (they can choose their communication preference). It’s totally hands off for you, so you can feel good knowing that we’re helping reduce your no-shows.

Want added no-show protection? You can ask clients to pre-pay for their appointments when they book online (either the full amount, a deposit, or just hold the credit card number).