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15 Massage Therapy Blogs To Follow In 2024

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June 27, 2024

Massage Therapy Blogs To Follow

Looking for the best massage therapy blogs? We have a whole list for you. Our list includes blogs every massage therapist should follow, news from massage organizations, insight from educators, advice from business experts, and examples of massage businesses that excel at content creation. Whether you’re looking for resources to improve your skills or just ideas for your own massage blog, we’ve got you covered.


Massage Therapy Blogs Offer Free Education

Continuing education is important, but seminars and online courses are expensive. You can learn a lot, for free, by following massage blogs from industry leaders.


Not sure where to find quality massage therapy blogs? Here’s where to look:


  • Massage therapy organizations publish massage news, introductions to new modalities, and the latest research in the field.
  • Businesses that serve massage therapists publish blogs to enhance your experience and give you the skills you need to succeed.
  • Massage Educators start blogs to share their knowledge with students, even if they aren’t enrolled in their courses.
  • Massage franchises often have the resources to create well-curated articles for massage clients. 
Massage Therapy Blogs To Follow


Wondering What To Write On Your Own Massage Blog?

Get ideas from people who do it well.

Starting a blog for your massage business is a great way to drive traffic to your website and stay engaged with your customers. Plus, it gives you something to share in social media posts and in email marketing campaigns. 


The thing is, it’s only worthwhile if you publish new content on a regular basis. Coming up with a constant stream of ideas is challenging. The good news is you don’t have to come up with a brand new idea no one has ever thought of before. All you need is your own take on a subject you know well.


If you need some inspiration, check out the massage therapy blogs on this list to come up with ideas. Then create your own stories to share.


Massage Therapy Organization Blogs

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals is dedicated to improving the skills and know-how of massage therapists. They regularly publish blog posts for the purpose of educating therapists and making them better practitioners & professionals. They’re also a good resource for need-to-information and the latest industry news.


2. Massage Therapy Journal

The AMTA publishes a quarterly magazine full of helpful articles and insights for massage therapists. You don’t need to be a member to get access to the plethora of articles they publish. Many of the articles in the magazine are also published on their website for anyone to read. 

3. Massage Therapy Foundation

Research is the cornerstone of the Massage Therapy Foundation. Check out their blog to see posts on the latest research and massage science. It’s also a good place to get involved. Many of their posts are related to community outreach and the mission of the foundation.


Blogs For Building A Successful Massage Practice


Massage business questions


4. ClinicSense

Any question you ever had about running a massage business is on the ClinicSense blog. There’s an extensive library of how-to and advice articles written by massage therapists for massage therapists. You’ll find marketing wisdom, learn essential business skills, and even get advice on how to take care of yourself while doing it all.

5. Town Square

Square is committed to helping entrepreneurs prosper. They have a whole section of their blog dedicated to articles specifically for health and beauty businesses. All your tech and business questions are answered here. You’ll also find inspiration for new and innovative ideas.


6. Making It

Squarespace publishes stories and solutions for modern entrepreneurs on their blog. You’ll learn how to create the best massage website ever, build an audience, and monetize your website. You’ll read success stories from a diverse range of entrepreneurs. Take what they know, and apply it to your own business.


Insight From Educators And Wellness Industry Leaders


7. Massage Magazine

You can buy Massage Magazine in print, but their whole website is dedicated to sharing valuable articles for massage therapists. They cover every massage-related topic you can think of. Educators often guest post here to share their knowledge. Plus, you’ll find massage news stories, as well as how-to articles.

8. The Somatics Blog

If you’re fascinated by neuroplasticity, how the brain controls posture, and how that’s related to pain, read this blog. The study of somatics explores how our habitual movements create our physical pain. Then, examine ways to create new ways of moving to circumvent those issues. The things you learn on this blog will help you help your clients to help themselves.

9. PNMT Blog

Doug Nelson is the founder of Precision Neuromuscular Therapy and the former president of the Massage Therapy Foundation. This man has a bottomless well of knowledge, and his passion is sharing it with massage therapists. You’ll find some of that knowledge on the PNMT blog. He’s a master at clinical reasoning, treating specific ailments, and simply being human.

10. ACE Insights Blog

Massage and fitness are closely related. ACE’s blog will teach you to take better care of yourself and keep you up on the latest industry trends. If you work with athletes, their articles will keep you at the top of your game. If it’s within your scope of practice to provide exercises for your clients, this blog is a great resource. 

11. The Massage Therapy Blog of National Holistic Institute

The National Holistic Institute believes massage therapy helps improve lives, careers, and community. In their blog learn from people in the massage industry including students, alumni, staff, employers, and clients.

12. Anatomy Trains

The Anatomy Trains blog shares everything from massage tool Q&As, to stretching exercises, to information about the body’s anatomy. This is a great place to learn from experts in the industry.


Wellness Industry Trends


13. Zeel

Zeel publishes blog posts covering a wide range of wellness topics. It’s written for consumers, not practitioners, but practitioners will enjoy their articles too. If you’re looking for an example of a really good massage blog created for massage clients, this is it. Look through their content, and use it to inspire unique ideas for your own blog.

14. Harvard Health Blog

Being the best in your field sometimes requires knowing about things outside your field. Harvard has a blog dedicated exclusively to health-related articles, including the latest studies, breakthroughs, and science. Have an ailment? They’ve probably published something about it. It’s a great place to learn and stay up-to-date on health and wellness news.


15. Feel Better Blog

This is the blog you wish your clients would read. The Massage Experts write a blog covering everything you need to know about getting a massage. Readers learn how it works at a therapeutic level, what to expect from their sessions and gain an understanding of different modalities. If you struggle to explain what you do, read their articles to get ideas for better ways to describe your work. This is also a good example of a massage business that has created a killer massage blog for its clients.

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