5 Elements Of a Great Massage Logo

Branding is incredibly important when it comes to marketing your massage therapy business. In order to gain exposure and build awareness of your business, you need to create a recognizable logo. Just think of some of the most famous logos in the world, from the Nike swoosh to the McDonald's golden arch M. Everyone knows exactly who those logos belong to. The following are a few things that you need to keep in mind when creating your company's logo:

  • The logo should be unique - One mistake that small business owners often make is using a logo they like as a starting point and then not making it different enough. Your logo should be unique so that it isn't mistaken for someone else's - especially other businesses or competitors in your area.

  • The logo should be scalable - This means that your logo should look good whether it's small or big. For example, it should look good on your business card as well as on a billboard. People often forget how small a logo is when it's fit onto a business card or promotional items like pens. If you have too much detail in your logo, it won't look good at small sizes.

  • The logo should be clean and simple - Avoid putting too much detail into your logo. Not just to make it look good at a small size, a logo with too much becomes unpleasant and overwhelming to look at. Just think of the best logos - they're all incredibly simple in design. 

  • The logo should use appropriate imagery - Choose an image that is relevant to massage therapy, or helps the customer visualize relaxation or pain relief.

  • The logo should use appropriate colors - First, don't put too many colors in your logo. It may be distracting or hard to find a background color (for a website or business card) that the logo looks good on.


If you choose more than one color, choose colors that are complimentary on the color wheel. Also keep the meanings of each color in mind. The smartest brands use colors that are appropriate to their business by considering the psychological meanings of each color. For example, restaurants often use red and yellow because these colors stimulate the appetite. For your massage therapy business, consider the use of green, which is connected to nature and incites feelings of trust, peace, relaxation and tranquility.