Massage Therapy Business Cards: Examples & Design

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May 23, 2024

Massage business card

When you offer a professional service, you need a business card. Massage business cards are still the easiest way to share your information. Sharing your information is how you get new clients. Don’t skip this basic form of advertising. It’s still one of the most effective ways to advertise your massage business.


5 Reasons You Need a Massage Business Card

Think business cards are a thing of the past in a world of text messages, hashtags and social media? They are definitely low-tech, but you still need them. In fact, they might be the most effective way to market your massage business


Here are 5 reasons to invest in business cards for your massage business.

1. Your most meaningful interactions with people take place in person. Having a business card you can hand someone in the moment is an effective sales strategy.

2. They work for people of all ages. Not all your clients follow you on social media or subscribe to your email list. Older clients may not know how to do those things. Anyone can stick a business card in their pocket.

3. Business cards allow you to share your information without asking someone to share theirs. People don’t like giving their email addresses or phone number to strangers. They’re hesitant to subscribe to newsletters that might fill their inbox with spam. Accepting a business card is low pressure and zero risk. 

4. Massage business cards are the perfect thing to write appointment times on. How many times does someone walk out of your massage room with a “massage buzz.” They’re so relaxed, they’re not quite with it. Figuring out how to turn their phone back on poses a challenge. When you schedule their next appointment, write it down on a business card, so they can put it in their phone later. Then go a step further, and have your scheduling system send them a confirmation.

5. Business cards make you look professional. Having a business card legitimizes your business to people who don’t know you yet. Taking the time to create quality marketing material makes it clear you take your business seriously. That’s a big selling point for your future clients.


What Should Your Business Card Say?

Simply state the facts. 


Massage business card example

The purpose of a business card is to share your contact information and let people know you’re a massage therapist. People will use the information on the card to contact you or research your business further. Make it easy for them.


10 things to include on your massage business card

1. Massage business name

2. Your name

3. Your job title

4. Company tagline (optional)

5. Massage business logo

6. Phone number

7. Address

8. Website

9. Social media (optional)

10. A call to action or promo code (optional)


Adding a CTA like “Book Online” or a promotion like “Save $10 when you present this card” gives people a reason to keep your business card. 

Massage business card with promo code

Can You Make Your Own Business Cards?




With today’s technology, making your own massage business cards is easy. High-quality business cards are inexpensive to print and easy to design — if you know where to begin. 


You can use software like Canva or VistaPrint to design and print business cards. If you already have branding for your massage business, you can upload your own images and have them professionally printed on business cards. If you don’t have a logo or other branding yet, use their designs to create your own.


How to Design an Impressive Massage Business Card

Massage business card with picture
  • Use high-quality card stock. Use 12pt or heavier card stock. Cards printed on flimsy stock do not portray a professional, confident brand. You provide a quality service. Use quality paper.


  • The logo and business name stand out. Ideally, potential customers can glance at your card and understand what you do. Don’t clutter your business card with unnecessary images.


  • It’s a reflection of your business. Much like designing a massage website, your business card should look and feel like the experience you offer. Choose colors that reflect that image, and make sure it matches all your other marketing materials.


  • Easy to read. The font size should be at least 9pt. Your business name should draw the most attention, so use a larger 12pt font size. Don’t cram too much information onto the card — white space really helps to make your text stand out.


  • Useful. Business cards are for sharing contact information. Always include your business address, website, and phone number. You can make the card more useful by putting a promo code on the back.


  • Double-sided. Business cards have space on the back — use it. The back of your business card is prime real estate. This is a good place to add a tagline, a coupon, or a map showing your location.
Massage business card tagline

How to Use Business Cards to Market your Massage Business

Once you receive your box of business cards, it’s time to implement them into your massage marketing strategy


Use your business cards to promote your massage business both at the office and out in the world. Keep a few on you at all times. You never know when you’ll meet your next client.


Here are a few massage advertising ideas to get you started.


1. Put them on display in your treatment room, where clients put their things.

2. Put them on display at your checkout counter.

3. Partner with neighboring businesses and display each other's business cards. Think yoga studios, gyms and chiropractors.

4. Include them in the envelope you put physical gift cards in.

5. Write down your client’s next appointment on them.

6. Hand a couple to clients when you tell them about your referral rewards program.

7. Ask your clients to pass them along to the doctor that recommended they get a massage.

8. Include them in letters of introduction that you send to other healthcare providers you want to get referrals from.

9. Include them with charitable donations like gift baskets and gift certificates.

10. Hand them out at community events.

11. Give a few to your friends and family to pass along to their networks.

12. Leave them on the table with a tip for your waitress.

13. Hand a card to anyone who gives you theirs.

14. Give one to anyone requesting your contact info.

15. Give them to colleagues you meet at conferences and seminars.

16. Hand them to strangers who look like they need your help.

17. Give one to the receptionist at your doctor's office, hair salon, or dentist’s office.

18. Add them to community boards that are for free local advertising.

19. Include them with a thank-you gift for your kid’s teacher.

20. Introduce yourself to new business owners in town, and give them your card.


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