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How To Get More Massage Clients With Referrals And Reviews

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June 3, 2024

How to get more massage clients

Do you have openings in your schedule this month? Sounds like you need more clients. Empty time slots equal less income and wasted time. If you're wondering how to get more massage clients, we suggest starting with the clients you already have. They’re the best people to funnel new clients into your practice because they know firsthand how good you are. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to get more massage clients with referrals and reviews.

What’s The Best Way To Get New Massage Clients?

Word-of-mouth marketing. The first thing people do when looking for a massage therapist is ask friends and family for referrals. They want someone they can trust and who does good work. The second thing they do is read reviews. It’s your job to get people talking about you.

When it comes to marketing your massage business there’s a world of options. You can come up with creative advertising ideasdesign massage specials, and market yourself as a massage therapist to everyone you know. Those ideas will work. However, the most effective way to get more massage clients is through word of mouth advertising.

Massage is such a personal experience. Potential clients want assurance from an existing client before booking an appointment. Perhaps other massage therapists they tried didn’t deliver results or massage therapy is a whole new experience for them. Maybe their beloved massage therapist recently moved or retired. These potential clients want to find the right therapist, and they don’t want to waste their money trying to find them. 

This is where word of mouth advertising comes in.

How Do I Get More Word-Of-Mouth Advertising?

Ask. Don’t leave word-of-mouth marketing up to chance. It’s your job to get people talking and facilitate the conversation. The best ways to get more massage clients through word-of-mouth is via referrals and positive reviews. So, encourage your clients to post a review on google or refer a friend.

There are a ton of potential clients out there looking for a massage therapist just like you, right now. They’re asking friends for recommendations, as well as searching online and reading reviews. Don’t leave your name being mentioned up to chance. You can drive word of mouth marketing. 

How To Get More Massage Clients With Referrals And Reviews

How To Get More Massage Clients With Referrals

One of the easiest ways to grow your practice and get more clients is through referrals. All you have to do is ask. If you want to amplify the number of referrals you get, start a referral program and create strategic referral partnerships with local businesses and wellness providers.

Some of your clients will refer friends and family without any prompting from you. They’re natural connectors and make a habit introducing people, both in business and in their personal life. These clients are a great source of referrals. If you have anyone like this on your client list, nourish those relationships! Those clients will be the source of a lot of new business.

Those natural connectors likely make up a very small percentage of your clientele. The rest of your clients will need a little prompting. Your clients keep coming back because they love what you do. If they haven’t referred anyone yet, it’s probably because they haven’t thought about it or it hasn’t come up in conversation. You can create the thought and the opportunity for them.

Simply Ask Clients To Refer You

This is massage marketing made simple. You literally only have to ask to receive. Ask clients to refer to anyone they think could use your services. Work this request into your script during the checkout process. Hand the client a couple of business cards when you do.

“It was nice to see you again, and I’m so glad you’re feeling better. If you know anyone who could use my services, send them my way.”

That’s all it takes. Seriously.

How To Create A Referral Rewards Program

Give clients a reward for referring paying customers. Create a little incentive by offering a small discount for referring a friend. You could even make a game out of it by offering a significant discount or free service once they refer X number of new clients.

Follow These Steps To Set Up A Referral Rewards Program At Your Business

  • Design a simple referral card, similar in size to a business card or gift certificate. On the front, highlight your offer, such as "$20 off your first massage at ABC Massage." On the back, include a link to online booking, your location, contact information, and a blank space for the existing client's name to track referrals and rewards. Also, add an end date for the offer, between 2 to 4 weeks from when the card is given out, to create urgency.
  • Print 250-500 copies of the referral card on quality paper or cardstock.
  • Distribute the cards to existing clients after a session when they are paying. Explain the referral program, emphasizing the win-win-win scenario: they save money, their friends or family get a great deal, and your business grows.
  • When a new client redeems a referral, give them referral cards to continue the cycle.
  • Monitor the success of the program, and remember to check local regulations regarding monetary incentives for clients.

Send Automated Referral Request Campaigns

Even if you forget to ask in person, an email works too. With ClinicSense, you can send automated referral request campaigns to clients after they’ve been in a few times. You decide when the request is sent and what it says. Hint: share the details of your referral rewards program. All you have to do is set it and forget it. It’s done for you.

How To Create Strategic Referral Partnerships

Create strategic referral partnerships by reaching out to local wellness providers, such as doctors, chiropractors, dentists, yoga instructors, and PTs. Offer them a complimentary massage to showcase your services. If they're impressed, give them a stack of your business cards for their patients/clients who may need your services.

Forge community partnerships with local businesses to cross-promote services to similar client bases. Ideal partners for your massage business include businesses that serve the people you want as clients.

  • Gyms/Yoga Facilities: Their health-conscious clients may seek massage for performance and recovery. Offer special promotions to gym members and reciprocate by promoting the gym to your clients.
  • Salons: With clientele that values pampering, promote relaxation and indulgence in your massage services to salon patrons.
  • Healthcare Practitioners: Establish long-term partnerships with chiropractors and other healthcare professionals. Showcase your credentials and research to gain client referrals for common issues you successfully treat.
  • Local Businesses: Offer dedicated massage times for employees of high-stress, high-income jobs, highlighting the benefits for work performance. Consider approaching business owners with a free massage to showcase the benefits firsthand. Some of these businesses could be ideal corporate chair massage clients.
how to get referral partnerships

How To Get More Massage Clients To Leave Positive Reviews

Encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews by following up after their session and providing a link to your review platform. Make the process easy by sending a thank-you email or text with the direct link. Thank customers who leave positive reviews and respond to any negative feedback graciously.

A good review goes a long way towards selling you as the go-to massage therapist in your area. People browsing online for the right therapist are looking for social proof. Your massage website might say all the right things, but they don’t want to hear it from you. They want to hear it from your clients.

Essentially, all you have to do is ask. However, if your request requires several steps, most people won’t do it. So, before you ask, figure out where and how you want them to leave a review. Then, find a way to get that information to them in the simplest form possible, like a link to your review page on google. They are much more likely to do it if all they have to do is click on something.

9 Ways To Get More Clients To Publish Reviews

  1. Use the Google Review Booster to automatically send review campaigns to clients after their appointment.
  2. Add the link to your review page to the bottom of your massage receipt template.
  3. Add the link to your review page to your email signature.
  4. During the checkout process, ask people to leave a review. Hand them a card with details on how to do that (or mention that there’s a link on their e-receipt).
  5. Put a sign on your front desk advertising how to leave a review and thanking people for their help in making your business a success.
  6. Send a post-appointment text with a link to your review site.
  7. If someone checks into your business on Facebook, send them a private message asking them to leave a review.
  8. Create an email marketing campaign asking people to help you reach a new sales goal. Encourage them to help by leaving a positive review on google or yelp.
  9. When someone gives you special words of praise, thank them graciously. Then ask if they are willing to post that praise as a review online.

Your happy clients are your biggest supporters. They may not know that the best way they can support you is to post positive reviews about their experience. If you ask nicely, most will be happy to do you that small kindness.

A word of warning
It is unethical and against many review sites' terms and conditions to incentivize positive reviews. This means you CANNOT offer people a discount or a free service in exchange for posting a review online. If you do offer a discount for posting a review, legally those reviews have to be posted as “paid reviews.” You’ve probably seen this on amazon, and a paid review doesn’t hold much wait for prospective clients.

How To Use The Google Review Booster To Get More Reviews

The Google Review Booster, available on ClinicSense, is a valuable tool for increasing online reviews and gathering client feedback. After a client's appointment, the system automatically sends a request for feedback. Positive responses are then prompted to be shared as Google reviews, boosting your online presence and reputation. Negative responses can be shared privately, providing you with constructive feedback to enhance your services and practice. This dual approach not only helps in gathering more positive reviews but also in making informed improvements to your business.

The Google Review Booster is just one of many ClinicSense features that can help you grow your practice. Automated referral requests, email newsletters, and targeted client marketing can help keep your clients engaged - which ultimately leads to getting more new massage clients. Ready to fill your schedule with more new clients? Start a free trial of ClinicSense.

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