Attracting & Retaining Clients

Steps That Massage Therapists Should Take to Retain Clients

updated on

June 8, 2023

client retention

Successful massage therapists understand how essential it is to have long-term clients. There could be times when you wonder why a particular client never returned for more massages. Was the location not right for them, was it the massage, or the price?


Sometimes, you may never find out what didn't work well for them. However, there are many things you can focus on in order to retain clients and keep them coming back for more. Here we take a look at some of these things:

  • Customization is essential in a massage business. Every client wants a great massage, and that can happen only when you customize it. Make an effort to learn what their preferences are and ensure that the service you provide is in line with their needs.


  • Make sure that your establishment is hygienic and that the environment is warm, comfortable, soothing, and appealing. The idea is to create a space that is welcoming; one that your clients find relaxing and will want to visit again.


  • Customer service is another aspect that can make or break your business. Always be proactive in your approach and build rapport with your clients. Just as making a great first impression is essential, it's equally crucial for you to build on that impression. Be quick in responding to client calls; maintain professionalism while being friendly with them. Show them that you value them and appreciate their business.


  • It helps to have some basic information about your client and maintain excellent communication with them, without being intrusive. Keep in mind that every client is different, and you need to hone your communication skills to build a good rapport.


  • If you want to remain competitive and retain clients, you may sometimes have to go over the top to get noticed. There are some essential marketing techniques you need to focus on to retain customers. Use technology to your advantage. Invest in good client management software. Use a good appointment tool so that your clients find it easy to book appointments.


  • Send out properly-timed newsletters to your clients, Include tips and useful information about your specials, offers and business hours. This will encourage them to contact you, which will bring in repeat business.


  • It's a good idea to launch a loyalty program, so your clients get the opportunity to earn additional services and free massages, etc. Consider offering packages. This helps ensure that your clients return, which helps to bring in a steady revenue stream.

While you need new clients to expand your business and increase profitability, it's even more important to keep existing ones happy. That will increase retention. You can also work towards turning new clients into loyal ones.


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