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Massage Packages: 6 Ideas To Create the Perfect Spa Day

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July 19, 2023

Massage package ideas for a spa day


These days more people want to spend their time and money on experiences, rather than stuff. As a massage therapist, you’re in the perfect position to offer the blissful experience of self-care and wellness. Read on for massage packages ideas that will help you create a whole day of healthful luxury - rather than just an hour session!


Offer An Experience By Offering Massage Packages

Offering massage packages is a great way to market your business in a unique way! Give your customers something to talk about. Your clients will spend their extra time and money somewhere. Why not at your spa? Give them incentive by crafting massage packages they get excited about. You probably won’t have to twist arms to sell an afternoon of total relaxation. 

Your regular clients already love your services. If you offer them more than just a standard monthly massage, they’ll likely take you up on it. They may even bring their friends.


When you think about massage as an experience, rather than a service, it takes on a new meaning. Creating an experience for someone goes beyond what you can do with your two hands. It requires creating the atmosphere with intention. You may need some products or partners to take it to the next level. Consider what new services, treats, and delights can you entice customers with.  


Partner With Your CoWorkers To Build A Unique Spa Like Experience 

If you work in a salon suite with other wellness professionals or estheticians, creating packages is easy. The benefit of having other service providers in-house is the ability to collaborate and refer clients to each other. Everybody wins when you work together.


Get together with your colleagues and brainstorm package ideas. Talk about what your individual clients typically buy and what they may be interested in trying. Then find ways to bundle your services together. For example, you might bundle your top-selling services or couple a big service with smaller add-on services to increase revenue.


Spa products


Here Are Some Services To Include In Your Massge Packages:

  • Facials
  • Pedicures
  • Salt scrubs
  • Saunas
  • Anti-ageing treatments
  • Wraps
  • Detoxes
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Personal training
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology

Get creative and work together to create half-day and full-day packages your clients will love. Give your packages a theme and fun names.


Market your massage packages online and in-house. Work together to promote your services. Use massage marketing tools and massage marketing strategies to make advertising easier.


You’ll need to work out scheduling and payment details beforehand. With packages, people typically expect to pay a flat fee for a bundle of services. Figure out how best to divide up the proceeds between you.  Try to make it simple for clients to book appointments and pay for their services.


What Are Some Massage Package Ideas For Solo Therapists?

Just because you don’t have other wellness providers in your clinic doesn’t mean you can’t offer a spa day. There are a lot of services, upgrades and add-ons you can offer clients to upgrade their massage experience.


Ideas To Upgrade Massage Therapy To Massage Packagers

We recently wrote an entire article on 8 massage add on's to increase your massage revenue - including how to pitch these add on's to your clients - but high level, here are some other ideas you may package together to make a great massage package idea!

  • Longer sessions
  • Hot stones
  • Aromatherapy
  • Heat therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Mediation
  • Stretching
  • Herbal compresses
  • Extra time to rest or nap after the session


Give your package an alluring name. Then list everything that’s included. Sell this experience for a flat rate.

What Are Some Examples Of Massage Packages? (With Name Ideas) 

A great massage package might have a memorable name, and combiner different services with different add on's.  Here are a couple of examples.

Package Name:  Zen Session

What’s included:  Aromatherapy + guided meditation + 90 minute massage + herbal compress

Package Name
: Restful Retreat

What’s included:  20 minutes cold stone facial massage + 60 minutes Swedish massage + heat therapy + 20 rest session 



Couples massage package


Ideas For Massage Packages For Special Occasions

Every day is a good day for a spa day, but some people only indulge on special occasions. Throughout the year, plan special packages for holidays. You should also have a couple of standard packages that are available at any time.


1. Birthday Massage Packages

Make it easy for clients to treat themselves on their special day.  Create a birthday package. Bundle 2 or 3 services together. Give it a special birthday price. Then create an email marketing campaign that automatically sends clients a birthday card (Using massage marketing software like ClinicSense you can automate this!). Add an invite to celebrate by booking the birthday package.

You can also promote this package by positioning it as a gift idea for friends and family.

 2. Mother’s Day Massage Packages

Every mom needs a break. A day at the spa is the perfect gift for mom. She can enjoy it as “me time” or one-on-one time with her favorite son or daughter.

Plan your massage marketing around Mother’s day during the weeks leading up to the second Sunday in May. Create a package exclusively for this occasion. Advertise it as a gift to buy and an appointment to book right away.

3.Massage Packages For Bridal Parties

Plan a day for the girls to relax and get glammed up. Create a bridal package that includes the works. The bride and her maids don’t just need hair and make-up on the day of the wedding. They need a fun girls day to themselves.

Your bridal party package could include a day at the spa the week before nuptials. Include massage, facials and pedicures. Make this day about fun and beauty. Then create an upgraded bridal package that includes the essential wedding day services too.

4. Massage Packages For Anniversaries

Create a sweetheart package for couples celebrating their anniversary. If you work with other massage therapists, offer a couples massage. Pedicures make a good addition to a couples package as well.

Throw in little extras like flowers, drinks or treats to make the experience over the top. You could even partner with a local restaurant and include a dining gift certificate as part of the package.

5. Valentine’s Day Massage Packages

This is another day for couples to celebrate. Collaborate with your colleagues and bundle your services to create a special Valentine’s package. 


This package could be something couples do together, much like the anniversary package. Alternatively, you can create a package for all the single people out there, and promote it as the “love yourself” package.

6. New Years Massage Packages

If your massage business plan doesn’t include advertising ideas for the new year, it should. Bundle your best self-care services together. Promote it as a way to start the year off right.


Many people resolve to take better care of themselves at the beginning of each year. Create a package for that. Focus it on promoting wellness and improving health.

How Should I Market Massage Packages To Clients?

When you decide to launch a new massage package, or massage special it should be paired with an equally excellent massage marketing strategy. There are many unique ways to market your massager packages - including: social media campaigns, email marketing to existing clients, partnering with third parties to run promotions, or even running online ads! 

If you are unfamiliar with massage marketing tools we recommend you check out this article - 10 massage marketing tools to help your business grow.

What Tools Can I Use To Market My Massage Business And Packages?

There are a lot of great tools you can use to market your massage business - from social media platforms to even optimizing your website!  However if you run a massage business with clients - you should also consider a strategy that allows you to connect with your existing clients using an automated approach.

For that, we recommend you look into a practice management, or massage therapy software solution that offers INTEGRATED massage marketing tools.

Using a solution that has these tools built in means you can automate all your marketing initiatives, and connect with your existing customers on a regular basis to give them special offers, newsletters, promo codes, e-mails on their birthdays and more! 

Click the link below to try out our massage marketing tools for free!

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