10 Marketing Tools To Help Grow Your Massage Business

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February 16, 2024

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Ever wish massage marketing just happened on its own without you having to do it? Marketing can be daunting for massage therapists, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many tools available to make marketing easy and automatic. Let’s look at the best massage marketing tools for minimal effort and maximum results.

What Are The Best Massage Marketing Tools?

The best massage marketing tools help therapists reach a large audience with minimum effort. If you want to grow your massage business, consider marketing strategies that are inexpensive, time-efficient, and easy to implement. Optimize your website, use software to automate marketing, and take advantage of social media.

Here Are 10 Massage Marketing Tools To Grow Your Massage Business

  1. Online Booking Tools
  2. Review Collection Software
  3. Online Massage Gift Cards
  4. Email Marketing Tools for Massage Therapists
  5. Automated Massage Marketing Campaigns
  6. Promo and Discount Code Tools
  7. Social Media Tools for Massage Therapists
  8. Massage Referral Software
  9. Client Tracking Software
  10. Massage Website

Online Booking Tools For Massage Therapists

If you want to book more massage appointments, you need online scheduling. 67% of consumers prefer to book online. Just having that option will increase sales, and it requires no effort from you. All you need is online booking software that integrates with your website and social media profiles. 

People don’t like to make phone calls, and they really don’t want to leave a message. Your massage clients will love online scheduling, and new people finding your website will be more inclined to book an appointment.

Review Collection Software For Massage Therapists

Social proof builds trust and confidence in brands. This is especially true for massage therapists. Massage therapy marketing relies heavily on word-of-mouth. Positive reviews are good advertising. Use the Google Review Booster to collect reviews from massage clients automatically. You’ll earn a 5-star status and get valuable feedback from your clients.

Don’t worry about bad reviews. If someone is less than satisfied, they’ll be prompted to give you private feedback instead of a public review.

Online Massage Gift Cards

Want to make money while you’re not working? Sell massage gift cards directly from your website. Massage is a great gift. You know that. Online massage gift cards are a great way to grow your massage business. You earn more money and get new clients. Plus, it’s convenient for customers.

Email Marketing Tools For Massage Therapist

Your biggest assets are your current customers. Create email newsletters to keep in touch with them. Use email marketing tools to manage your list, advertise massage specials, promote new services, and educate your massage clients. ClinicSense makes staying in touch and maintaining relationships with clients easy.

Automated Massage Marketing Campaigns

What’s better than creating your own email marketing campaigns? Automated message marketing campaigns. Imagine if you could automatically alert clients of your availability this week or send everyone a birthday card on the right day. Your schedule would be booked up without you even trying. ClinicSense makes automation simple and predictable.

Promo and Discount Code Tools For Massage Therapists

A massage therapy marketing strategy that works well is making special offers. Want to sell a new service? Create a promo code to use when booking that new service. Want to fill up your schedule quickly? Create a discount for a limited time only. ClinicSense allows you to create promo codes and email special offers to clients with just the click of a button.

Social Media Tools For Massage Therapists

Social media is an excellent (not-to-mention economical) tool for marketing your massage business. The biggest requirement is showing up consistently. Creating regular massage social media posts can increase engagement and brand visibility. Optimize your social profiles by adding your online booking portal to your profile. That way, all that visibility doesn’t go to waste.

Massage Referral Systems

Your customers value your services, and they’re happy to refer their friends and family – IF you ask them. If you don’t ask, they may not think about it. Some therapists feel awkward asking people for referrals in-person. There’s a way around that. Use a referral system that can send Automated Referral Request Campaigns after each client’s appointment. That way, the request happens even if you fail to do it face-to-face.

Client Tracking Software

If you want to make sure clients keep up with scheduling regular appointments and no one slips through the cracks, you must monitor them. With ClinicSense marketing and communication tools, you can automatically send reminders to clients who haven’t scheduled recently. That’s usually enough to win back those old clients and get them to book. If it’s not, you’ll be alerted when you’re at risk of losing a client, so you can reach out to them directly. 

A Well Optimized Massage Website

A website designed to convert visitors into clients is a must for massage therapy marketing. Your massage website design needs to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and informative. But that’s not all. It needs to do the work of a receptionist.

Your website has the potential to be your best employee. 

Investing in online massage marketing can have a huge impact on your business in a very short period of time.

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