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Corporate Chair Massage: How To Get Corporate Clients

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December 5, 2023

Corporate chair massage

There are many ways to earn money as a massage therapist. You can work in a spa, medical clinic, your own practice, or do corporate chair massage. Working in a corporate setting is a great way to grow your clientele, no matter what setting you typically work in. 

In This Article, You’ll Learn:

  • Why corporate chair massage is becoming popular
  • How you can use it to grow your practice
  • How to get corporate clients
  • How to organize a corporate chair massage event

Corporate Chair Massage Is Rising In Popularity

Chair massage in corporate settings is becoming increasingly popular. Employers are looking for ways to improve productivity, retention, and morale. In many cases, making massage an employee benefit or special reward helps meet those goals.

Employers are looking for benefits that will make employees more productive. Taking a short break is proven to improve productivity. What’s better than a coffee break? A massage break. A free cup of coffee has got nothing on a chair massage. Taking a little time to recharge during the work day helps refuel mental energy. That means when you return from your break, you’re ready to perform at optimal levels again. Without that, performance wanes as the day goes on.

Stress is a common reason people call off work. Cutting down on work-related stress can decrease the number of days employees call off work. Studies show that 60-80% of doctors' visits have a stress-related component. As a massage therapist, you know that mental stress will eventually manifest physically. Offering chair massage as an employee benefit is an economical way to help keep staff healthy, happy, and in the office. 


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What Are The Benefits Of Chair Massage In The Workplace?

Rewarding employees for a job well done boosts morale, which improves employee retention. 47 million Americans quit their jobs in 2021. Numbers like this were reported in nations around the globe. 35% of people said feeling disrespected was the reason they quit.

Corporate chair massage is a way to reward staff for a job well done and show respect for their well-being. Companies are looking for more ways to keep their employees happy. People who feel good stick around, and the quality of their work improves too.

Use chair massage to grow your practice and your income.
Even if corporate chair massage isn’t your main offering, it can drive a lot of traffic into your business.

Here Are 3 Ways Corporate Chair Massage Can Help Grow Your Practice:

1. You get paid to give people a sample of your work.
Corporate chair massage usually consists of short mini-massage sessions. You spend 10-30 minutes making someone feel better in the middle of their work day. Like they always say, “that went by so fast.” That’s an opportunity to invite them to schedule a full session on your table. Hand them your business card, and tell them about the services you offer at your clinic.

2. One corporate chair massage event can lead to more.
Do a good job for the company that hires you, and they’ll want you to come back again. A one-time event could turn into an annual event, a quarterly occurrence, or even a monthly benefit. Follow up, and let them know your availability. Don’t be afraid to pitch ideas on incorporating chair massage into employee benefits.

3. You can build a whole corporate chair massage business.
You can market yourself as working exclusively in corporate settings. Create case studies out of your success stories, and get referrals from corporations you’ve worked with. This is possibly the most lucrative and time-efficient mobile massage business you can build.


How To Get Corporate Massage Clients

Wondering how to market yourself to corporate clients? Here are some ideas on how to land more corporate chair massage gigs.

How To Get Corporate Massage Clients
  • Publish this service on your website. Advertise corporate chair massage on your website. Local businesses could be searching online for massage therapists to visit their offices right now. If that service is listed on your website, their search is over.
  • Put it on your business cards. Your massage business cards get handed to existing clients, random people you meet, and possibly people you haven’t even met. You never know who will take you up on your offer.
  • Mention it to people you do business with. Don’t be afraid to hand your card to the manager at your bank or the receptionist at your dentist's office. You don’t have to sell it, just plant the seed.
  • Talk to your regular massage clients about it. Odds are good; most of your table clients have jobs, and so do their spouses. They may work in a corporate environment or, even better, in HR. These people can be the perfect way in.
  • Ask for referrals. Your satisfied customers will be happy to help you build your business if you ask. When you’re hired to do an event (or if you volunteer at an event), ask the sponsor if they know anyone else who needs your services. Don’t forget to hand them your card.


How To Organize A Corporate Chair Massage Event

When a company hires you, they’ll look to you for guidance on how to best organize the event. Be ready to be helpful and take charge. 

Here’s a list of things to prepare for a corporate chair massage event.

  • Create a pricing guide before you start promoting this service. You can charge by the hour or by the number of messages you give.

  • Find out how long they need you and how many people you’ll serve. Collect these details first to make your life easier.

  • Ask for the most private place possible to set up your massage chair. A public space works fine for chair massage, but not everyone can relax if someone’s watching.

  • Have people sign up for time slots in advance. The simplest way is to provide a link to your online scheduling system, so employees can schedule a time for their massage.

  • Get signed consent from participants. Just like when clients see you in your clinic, you should have people sign a consent form before treatment.

  • Check-in with the person who hired you before you leave for the day. Stop by and let them know how things went, offer to come back, and thank them for inviting you.

What Tools Can I Use To Grow My Practice?

Corporate chair massage is a valuable way to expand your massage therapy practice. It's growing popularity, backed by research, makes it a promising opportunity to attract new clients.

Using clinic managements software can help integrate this opportunity into your practice. Consider a structured and automated approach to convert chair massage clients into long-term patrons by promoting your full range of services.

With ClinicSense, you can efficiently manage appointments and billing, allowing you to focus on delivering excellent care. The software's automated appointment reminders and online booking system help client retention, with it's award winning ease-of-use and marketing features.

Ready to get more massage clients? Sign up for a free trial of ClinicSense.

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