10 Ways To Make More Money As A Massage Therapist

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February 3, 2024

If you’re not earning as much as you want, there are ways to make more money as a massage therapist. We know you didn’t choose massage therapy to get rich. You want to help people, but you’ve got bills to pay. It’s totally possible to have a massage practice that’s both fulfilling and lucrative. This article explores multiple ways massage therapists can increase their income. 

10 Ways To Make More Money As A Massage Therapist

There are many ways to make money. These are the easiest ways for massage therapists to increase revenue.

  1. Massage Add-Ons
  2. Advanced Massage Modalities
  3. Rebook Existing Clients
  4. Standing Appointments
  5. Win Back Past Clients
  6. Sell Gift Certificates
  7. Sell Massage Packages
  8. Add More Services or Practitioners
  9. Improve Productivity
  10. Better Self-Care

1. Increase Prices With Massage Add-Ons

Massage add-ons are an easy way to make more money and provide better service. All you need is something special clients can opt to add-on to their massage service. Things like hot stones, aromatherapy, or CBD oil are a few examples of ways to upgrade massage sessions.

Incorporating massage add-ons allows massage therapists to make more money without booking more appointments. Whether you’re struggling to find new clients or your schedule is already full, offering ways to upgrade massage sessions for an additional fee can increase revenue.

2. How To Use Advanced Massage Modalities To Increase Revenue

The highest paid massage therapists often have advanced skills. A good way to make more money as a massage therapist is to learn massage modalities that are in high-demand. You can charge a higher rate for more advanced or specialized massage service.

There are two ways you can make more money by learning new massage modalities. 

  • Use different modalities to create a wide array of services.
  • Specialize in a specific massage modality, and charge a premium rate for your advanced skills.

Not sure where to start? Check out our recent article on 20 Massage Modalities To Try for ideas and direction!

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3. Make More Money By Getting Massage Clients To Rebook

Getting clients to rebook each visit is essential to increasing sales. A single client can be worth a lot of money if they keep coming back. Asking clients to rebook before they leave is an effective way to increase client retention. 

You don’t need as many clients if your existing clients come more often. Make rebooking easy by doing it for them every time you see them, or offer online scheduling. Send out availability campaigns to let people know when you have upcoming openings. You might be surprised by how many people will jump on the chance to book a last minute massage appointment.

4. Set Up Recurring Massage Appointments

Ensure clients get a massage as often as they intend to by creating a standing appointment. This is a recurring event on both your calendars. Determine the client's frequency goal. Find a time that works for both of you, and set it to repeat every month.

Having a standing appointment with a massage client fosters loyalty and generates dependable income. It also prevents clients from falling short of their goals. They’ll appreciate the ease and consistency, and you’ll make more money.

5. How To Win Back Massage Clients You Haven’t Seen Recently

Often clients say they want to get massages on a regular basis, but they don’t follow through. More often than not, they get busy and forget. You can win them back by staying in touch. Simply reach out, remind them of their goals, and include a link to your schedule.

ClinicSense has a great feature that does this for you. The software monitors client activity. If it’s been a while since their last appointment, it automatically sends them an email reminding them it’s time to schedule. If they don’t rebook, you receive a notification that it’s time to reach out to them personally.

6. How To Make More Money As A Massage Therapist By Selling Gift Certificates

Selling gift certificates is a great way for massage therapists to make more money. It increases sales from existing customers while simultaneously bringing in new clients. Promoting gift certificates around holidays like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas can really boost revenue.

Do yourself a favor and sell massage gift certificates online. You’ll sell more this way, and it’s easier for everyone. Send a promotional email that’s linked to your online gift certificates. People can make a purchase with just a click, any time of day. You can literally make money while you sleep.

7. How Selling Packages Can Help Massage Therapist Make More Money

Selling massage packages is a proven way to make more money as a massage therapist. Bundle several massage sessions together, and sell them for a flat fee. Massage therapists who sell packages of 5-10 massage sessions report clients coming in more frequently.

When it’s already paid, clients are more likely to book an appointment sooner, rather than later. Even if you discount the package price, there’s a good chance you’ll  make more money because clients come more often. Plus, you get paid in advance.

massage packages

8. How To Grow Your Practice By Adding New Services & Practitioners

If your massage business is well-established, it might be time to grow your practice. Take a close look at your current clientele and what their needs are. What services would benefit them? What would they buy? Consider whether you can provide those services yourself or need other practitioners.

It might be time to hire a massage therapist, rent a room to another wellness practitioner, or invest in continuing education to expand your offerings. Review your massage therapy business plan, and map out the necessary steps to reach the next level.

9. How Improving Productivity Can Increase Your Massage Business Income

Increasing therapist productivity will increase revenue. Massage therapists have many tasks that don’t generate income. Better time management can get those tasks done quickly, so there’s more time for paying clients. When massage therapists aren’t distracted by busywork, they provide better care - which leads to more new clients.

Using clinic management software can free up A LOT of time. Clients book online. Digital intake forms are automatically collected before appointments. SOAP Notes are completed with just a few clicks. Marketing is automated. Sales reports are just a click away. Everything is organized for you, and much of it is done for you.

10. Why Self-Care Is Vital To Career Longevity & A Thriving Practice

Massage therapists who prioritize their own self-care make more money over the course of their career. They enjoy their work and their free time. Plus, they can continue doing the work they love for many years. That sort of dedication is how successful therapists build a healthy, thriving practice.

Taking a break or time off may seem counterintuitive to making more money, but you’ll return to your work revitalized. You’ll be a better version of yourself, and massage clients will respond to that. Doing the things you tell your clients to do will earn their trust and respect. Leading by example helps them and you.

Using Clinic Management Software Is The Easiest Way to Make More Money As A Massage Therapist

You don’t have to do every single task yourself. In fact, you may never get where you’re trying to go if you try. You’ll either burn out or tire out. There’s an easier way.

Clinic Management Software automates your admin tasks, marketing, and scheduling; so you can focus on what really matters - helping people.

Here’s how ClinicSense can help you make more money

  • More clients book when online scheduling is an option.
  • You sell more gift certificates when they’re available online.
  • No client slips through the cracks because they’re all tracked.
  • Promote new services and practitioners with email marketing campaigns.
  • Get more clients by collecting rave reviews with Google Review Booster.
  • Marketing is done consistently because it’s automated.
  • You save time and energy. 

If you’re looking for more ways to make more money as a massage therapist, check out the long list of ClinicSense features that can help.

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