Massage Business Names: 10 Tips for Creating an Effective One

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March 26, 2023

Congrats on deciding to start a massage business! Now, what to call it? If you find yourself scrolling through massage business names online for ideas, this article can help. There’s a lot to consider when choosing a name for a massage business. That name is going to represent your business for its lifetime. It’s important to get it right.


In this article we will share 10 tips to help you lock in the perfect name for your massage therapy business. 


Why Your Massage Business Name Matters

Establishing your brand identity starts with choosing a massage business name. This name will be passed around the community, one mention at a time.  A good business name:

  • Attracts customers
  • Attracts new hires
  • Make it clear what you do
  • Peaks curiosity
  • Makes your business recognizable
  • Gives your business an identity


What Words Should You Use in a Massage Business Name?

Good massage business names use words that clearly convey the brand's values, benefits, or specialty. They use language their customers understand, and choose words that are easy to remember. This includes words like:

  • Therapeutic
  • Sports massage
  • Medical
  • Prenatal
  • Massage therapy
  • Care
  • Certified
  • Treatment
  • Relief
  • Pain
  • Specialist
  • Clinic
  • Spa


massage business name ideas



What Words to Avoid in a Massage Business Name

When you’re brainstorming massage business names, avoid using words that are gimmicky, hard to pronounce, or have negative connotations. Don’t use technical terms or words that could inspire unsavory thoughts from inappropriate people. Here’s a short list of examples:

  • Specific massage modality names
  • Happy
  • Rub
  • Pleasure
  • Magic
  • Finish
  • Body


How to Choose a Massage Business Name

Use these 10 tips to create an effective massage business name.


1. Focus on your mission statement 

2. Talk like your clients

3. Highlight your location

4. Be professional

5. Make it unique

6. Keep it short

7. Make it memorable

8. Target keywords

9. Reference your client’s problems

10. Check that your name’s available



10 tips to write massage business names


1. Focus on Your Mission Statement

Sometimes it’s easier to start by crafting a mission statement for your business. A mission statement describes the purpose of your business and its values. Get clear on that. Then create a business name that reflects the intention behind that mission.

2. Talk Like Your Clients

Keep in mind, your clients are not massage therapists. They aren’t fluent in massage lingo, so use words they would use. Get in the minds of your customers. What would they consider a trustworthy or catchy business name? Bounce massage business name ideas off of as many people as possible. Outside feedback is invaluable.

3. Highlight Your Location

Adding the name of your city or street can help strengthen your brand’s identity. Customers will have no doubt about where you’re located. Plus, when they tell their friends about your business, it’s easy to reference. 


Using a location in your name, helps make your business a fixture in the community. Everyone is familiar with Massage On Main, because it’s the only massage place on Main St. 


Want to boost traffic to your website? Boston Massage Therapy will definitely show up when people search for a massage therapist in Boston.


4. Be Professional

You provide a professional service, so use professional language. If you offer medical massage, call your place a med spa or clinic. Consider names that explain exactly what you do. This will make it easy for consumers to remember. 


The name Albany Sports Massage makes it clear where the business is, what it does, and who it serves. It’s a name people trust.


5. Make it Unique

Make a list of all the competing massage businesses in your area. You don’t want your business to be confused with theirs. Avoid creating a similar one. When your business name comes up in conversation, there should be no doubt which massage place people are talking about. 


6. Keep it Short

Think about all the business names people around the world recognize: Apple, Google, Nike, McDonalds. Just one word. That’s not a coincidence. Shorter names are often more brandable and easier to remember.


That said, your massage business name can certainly be more than one word. Instead of thinking in terms of how many words, think about how many syllables it is. You don’t want it to be a mouthful. Three to 5 syllables is a good number to aim for.


Here are some examples:

Milford Med Spa 

Sports Therapy Pros 



7. Make it Memorable

Choose a name people will remember without being gimmicky. An usual word or something hard to pronounce can easily be forgotten. Choose words that mean something to people, so they remember it. 


Catchy is great, but it isn’t necessarily the same as memorable. Being memorable requires being meaningful or resonating with your customers. Something catchy is just fun to say. Massage Magic is catchy, but not very professional. Vail Wellness Center is memorable because the name explains exactly what it is – that’s easy to remember.


8. Target Keywords

Using keywords that people search for online is a good strategy. If you’re searching for a massage therapist nearby, what words do you type into Google? Having those words in your business name will help the SEO on your massage website. That means it’s easier for people to find you online.


Brainstorm a list of words people might search for when they need your services. This will include obvious search terms like your location or the word “massage.” It could also include words describing the reason they need massage or a certain type of therapist they're looking for.  Then try organizing them in different ways to come up with a business name. 


Prenatal Massage Center

Seattle Sports Massage

Hartford Med Spa


9. Reference Your Clients Problems

If your business name screams, “this is for me” when someone reads it, you have a winner. There are all kinds of massage businesses, and many, many different reasons to get a massage. Consider choosing a name that focuses on the reason your clients want a massage.


Are you clients looking for a tranquil retreat, or are they looking for someone who can fix their back. Use words that describe that in your massage business name.

Tranquility Massage Center

Weekend Warrior Med Spa


10. Check that Your Massage Therapy Business Name is Available

Make a list of massage business names you like, then check to make sure someone else isn’t using them. Ideally, your business name can be used as a domain name, facebook URL, and as an LLC.


The SBA is a good reference for learning what you need to register, and how to protect your business name.


Start by doing a trademark search to avoid future legal issues. If the name is trademarked, cross it off your list.


Then, do a domain search to see if your massage business name could be used for the name of your website.


Check social media, to see if someone is using your business name on those platforms.


Finally, google your favorite massage business names, and see what comes up.


Where to Publish Your Massage Business Name after You Register it?

Start by putting your business name on a sign outside your clinic. Then, establish your brand by putting your business name on all your paperwork and marketing materials. Create social media accounts using your business name, and buy the domain name to use for your website.


ClinicSense makes it easy to add your business name to all your professional forms, email campaigns, and more.


Once you have a business name, use it. Every time you talk about your business with people, call it by its name. This can take some getting used to if you’re starting a solo-massage practice, but it’s important.


Use your massage therapy business name everywhere, including:


Once you do all that, it’s time to start marketing; so people become familiar with your brand.

How Can I Grow My Massage Therapy Business?

Use massage therapy software to attract new clients, manage current ones, and eliminate time-consuming admin tasks. You don’t need a marketing team or a receptionist. ClinicSense automates scheduling, marketing, intake forms, accounting, and so much more. Check out ClinicSense features for all the details.


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