Upgrade Your Online Presence to Beat Massage Envy

updated on

May 13, 2024

upgrade your online presence to beat massage envy


If you’ve been avoiding updating your massage therapy website or incorporating technological solutions into your workflow, then you may be losing clients to brands like Massage Envy. Massage Envy leverages its online presence to promote its local franchises. Plus, it uses online technology to streamline client processes such as booking an appointment or recording SOAP notes.

Massage Envy’s use of technology enables it to provide its clients with services that are consistent and affordable. But you can use that same technology to give clients something better. 


Beat Massage Envy by using technology to reduce the time you spend on marketing activities and paperwork, then spend that time creating an extraordinary client experience instead.

How can you upgrade your tech to take on Massage Envy? Start with these tips for upgrading your online presence.

Build Client Confidence With A Professional-Looking, Up-To-Date And Informative Website

Your potential massage therapy clients aren’t waiting for you to reach out to them, they are going online to find you. In 2019, 70% of consumers searched for a local business online at least once a month. The majority of healthcare consumers now start their search for a provider online, as well. 


Technology has enabled your potential clients to look for a new massage therapist whenever and wherever they like. From their desktop or mobile devices, consumers can look for nearby businesses, check out their reviews and even book appointments with local service providers like you while they are at home, at work and on the go.

Today’s savvy searchers know what they are looking for and expect your website to provide it. Instill trust and deliver a quality experience with a well-made website that answers prospective clients’ questions. Make sure essential information such as how to contact you and your hours of operation are up-to-date and easy to find. 


Massage Envy’s websites look modern and fresh. How does your website compare? 

Capture new clients at their moment of decision and deliver extraordinary convenience to all of your customers with online booking and payment features

When your clients and prospective clients find your website, they probably have a goal in mind. Make sure your website gives them the tools they need to achieve their goal. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to nail down an appointment at your client’s moment of yes. 


Massage Envy members and guests can book an appointment online with just a few clicks. Your clients can too. You don’t have to be a national, multi-location brand to deliver this convenience to your clients. ClinicSense’s online scheduling tool is an affordable and accessible option for massage therapy businesses of any size. Additional features including an online prepayment option will further smooth your client’s journey and your workflow. 


This simple technology upgrade shows your clients that you care about their convenience and aren’t falling behind the times. 

Go beyond your website to engage with your clients

When consumers go online to learn about your massage therapy practice, they aren’t just looking at your website for information. They are looking for their fellow consumers’ reviews. Show your commitment to customer service by making a habit of checking on your reviews and responding to them. 


Whether the review is positive or negative, always thank your reviewers for taking the time to provide you with feedback. By doing so, you demonstrate that you value your clients and their opinions and become a part of the conversation. 


Remember that when you reply to a review, you are not just communicating with the reviewer but with everyone who reads the exchange. How you respond to online complaints signals to prospective customers how they can expect you to treat them. 

There’s a lot more that technology can do for your massage therapy business

Your online presence is just one of the areas where technology can influence your business's success. There are so many more. In our ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Beating Massage Envy, we share other examples of how Massage Envy uses technology to its advantage and you can too. Download your free copy today and discover how you can free yourself from routine tasks and marketing duties and invest that time in serving your clients.


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