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ClinicSense Community Idea: Gift Certificates For GOOD

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June 12, 2023

Today's thought comes from Heather in Massachusetts.

"Last week I did the 7-day gift certificate challenge and I sold 40 gift certificates through my website (and counting)! At first, I was hesitant to promote myself at a time like this. But then I changed my mindset. This promotion was not all about supporting my business through tough times, it was about supporting my clients too! I know that my clients WANT massage, and many even say they NEED this was a chance for me to give back to them. The messaging in my promotion was thanking my customers for the many years of business - and my way of saying thank you was offering them a massage at a lower rate for when we're all back on our feet. My clients loved it! And one even responded with a SUPER generous offer... which has set the stage for my next promotion...


So what did this client offer? He offered to buy a $100 gift certificate, but then asked me to donate it to a nurse or doctor at our local hospital. I nearly cried. Obviously, I will wait to treat a nurse or doctor (or anyone) until we're all in the clear, but what an incredible thing to do. It truly reminded me that we're all in this together.


Using this as inspiration, I'm doing a new promotion this week. When clients buy a gift certificate valued at $75 or more, I will donate a $25 gift certificate to the local hospital for our front line workers to redeem when they are well and are ready for an hour of relaxation (which I'm sure they will need desperately). Doctors and nurses will be able to use multiple donated gift certificates so they won't have to pay the balance. It works out to be about one treatment donated for every 3 treatments sold."




In case you missed it, this is the 7-day gift certificate plan that Heather is referring to. Please get in touch to share your success story. We've already had several customers reach out to share how many gift certificates they have sold

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