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Getting Ready To Re-Launch: Prescreening Clients

Many people have been asking us what changes will have to happen to the intake form in order to screen for COVID-19. We have seen many opinions on this: from no screening at all, to taking the temperature of every client. Everyone will of course do whatever makes them comfortable.


Since symptoms may present at any time we recommend no changes to your intake form but instead complete a pre-screening of every client before every appointment. It's important to complete the pre-screening before the client enters your office space to minimize your risk. So that might mean a call, text, or email the day before the appointment.


At ClinicSense, we're working on automating this process. Once a client has been pre-screened, a checkmark will appear on their appointment. If there's no checkmark, you know they didn't complete the prescreening and should give them a call. We'll be sending out a separate email to our customers once this is ready to go.


Here is a link to the form we've created. It's based on CDC reported symptoms and common risk factors. With ClinicSense, we'll ask the client to sign the form and submit it online. The signature is for perception. While a signed form is unlikely to be enforceable, people generally think harder about what they are agreeing to if they are signing their name to it.


If you are doing a pre-screening and it's not being submitted online do not ask the client to sign a form in your office. Anything extra that the client has to touch increases risk. Pre-screening can be done verbally (ideally over the phone, by text message, or by email).


It's likely we'll continue to get more information from governments and industry associations. So continue to monitor requirements and recommendations.