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10 Massage Room Setup Ideas To Create A Relaxing Space

Massage room setup ideas

No matter what type of massage practice you have, clients expect your massage room to be a relaxing place. The feel of the room is part of the experience. If you set up your massage room well, clients feel relaxed before they even get on the table. Of course, the room doesn’t just need to be zen, it should be practical too. In this article, we’ll explore massage room setup ideas to help you achieve both.


How to set up a massage room

Wondering what to put in a massage room, or how to set it up? Here are some massage room setup ideas and guidelines:

  • All you need is a massage table, a place for your client's things, and a place for your things.
  • Make the massage table the focal point.
  • Position the table so the person lying on it can see who’s coming in the door.
  • Don’t put too much stuff in the room, especially if it’s a small massage room.
  • Make it cozy by adding a few personal touches, soft linens and lowering the lights.

Massage room setup ideas for creating a relaxing space

Create the ultimate space for you and your clients by using these massage room setup ideas.

Keep in mind, this is your room too. It should be a space you and your clients both enjoy. Make this room a quiet retreat for your clients. Do it in a way that accommodates your own needs and personal tastes.


1. Keep it clean and tidy.

Massage room setup in white

A clean room, with only a table in it, is better than a cluttered space filled with “dust-ables.”

Cleanliness and ease of cleaning are extremely important in your treatment room. This room has to be sanitized between massage sessions. The fewer things cluttering surfaces, the less there is to clean.

Clean lines and smooth surfaces look cleaner too. Your clients will take comfort in a place that looks, smells and feels clean.


2. Make it cozy and professional.

Aesthetician room

Often massage rooms are either homey or clinical, but the best massage rooms are both. You can have a professional clinic while still providing a cozy space to relax in.

Do this by using quality linens, low lighting and tranquil decor. Massage room ideas like this provide a sense of calm without much effort. You can create that vibe and still have trigger point charts on a wall.


3. Use lighting to set the mood.

Candlelit massage

Dim lighting can calm the nervous system and facilitate relaxation. Complete darkness causes people to fumble blindly around the room searching for their clothes.

Strike the right balance. Instead of overhead lighting, try using lamps or even a nightlight. That way you can control the amount of light throughout the session.

Use more light when you’re talking with clients pre-treatment and less light during the actual massage. If you have the budget for it, use smart bulbs in your lamps. They can be dimmed, change colors and can even create special effects like candlelight.


4. Drape soft linens across the table.

Grey linens

How do clients spend most of their time in your massage room? On the table, with their eyes closed.  That’s why quality linens are possibly the most important part of your massage room setup.

If you have a limited massage budget, spend it on soft sheets that will stand up to frequent washing and cozy blankets. The linens you choose can make your massage room look and feel nice. Choose colors that match the room, and make your massage table the focal point of the decor.


5. Choose colors that are calming and on brand.

Massage and facial treatment

Avoid bright colors in your massage room. They can be too stimulating for the senses. Instead, stick with muted tones that create a sense of tranquillity.

If you’re not sure what colors are considered tranquil, research the psychology of colors. That said, this doesn’t need to be complicated. If you already have a color scheme for your massage logo, you can use those brand colors in your massage room.


6. Use decor to add a bit of your own personality.


Decor can add a personal touch to a room. Remember, you’re going to spend a lot of time looking at the walls in your massage room. Choose decor that you appreciate, and also creates a sense of serenity.

A beautiful landscape photo on the wall is a good choice. Alternatively, a unique piece of art or faux candles can work just as well. This is all about your personal style. 

Choose a couple pieces you like. Don’t overdo it. Too much decor can look messy. Keep it simple.


7. Keep it quiet.

Massage room setup with rugs

Massage is a sensory experience. Prevent unwanted sounds from permeating the room. Not every sound is under your control. However, there’s a lot you can do to tone down unwanted noise.

Soften sound inside the room by adding soft things. Drapes and rugs help prevent sound from bouncing around rooms with hard floors. If you have outside noise, try a sound machine to filter that out. Then add soft music to set the mood.


8. Make it smell good.


It’s more important that the room smells clean than fragrant. The citrus smell of disinfectant or the delicate scent of fabric softener may be all you need. 

Incense and perfumes aren’t always the best choice. Strong fragrances can be overwhelming or give the impression you’re trying to cover up a smell. 

When choosing scents, keep your clientele in mind. Different people appreciate different things. For instance, strong fragrances are often a trigger for migraine sufferers. So, before you plug in a tart warmer, consider who you’re inviting into the room.  


9. Make a small space feel welcoming.

On the massage table

It’s common for massage rooms to be small, sometimes really small. And that’s ok. All you really need is a table and a space for people to put their things.

If your room is small, keep your massage room setup simple. Dedicate a corner of the room to clients and their things. Then keep the rest of the room free of obstacles.

If you need more massage room ideas for small rooms, check out this article: 13 Small Space Massage Therapy Room Ideas


10. Pick the right furniture.

Chair by the window

Less is more in most cases. Rooms feel more expansive when more of the floor is exposed. Don’t feel like every open space needs something. 

Your clients need a space to sit down and a surface to set phones, keys and rings on. Need to store linens, lotions and massage tools in your massage room? Choose a cabinet that keeps those items out of sight. That’s probably all the furniture you need, aside from your massage table or chair.


You’ve succeeded at creating the perfect massage room when clients say they feel relaxed just walking inside.

If you’re doing this for the first time, don’t overthink your massage room design. Use the massage room setup ideas above to create a relaxing vibe without much effort.  


You don’t need to break the bank to create a luxurious feeling in your massage room. Keep it clean, cozy and inviting. A comfy blanket, low lighting, and a single piece of art can transform the whole space.