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How SOAP Notes Can Win You More Business

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March 26, 2023


Does your massage therapy practice’s growth strategy hinge on gaining new customers? If so, you might be missing out on the opportunity to win more business without increasing your marketing budget. Instead of spending money on client acquisition, consider using the resources you already have at your fingertips, including your SOAP notes, to boost client retention and bookings. How can SOAP notes win you more business? 


I’ll explain in this article. 


The following metrics can help you track your massage therapy practice’s performance:

  • Your customer acquisition cost (CAC) --The amount you spend on marketing to gain each new client
  • Your client retention rate -- How many new clients become repeat clients
  • Your average client lifetime value (CLTV) -- How much revenue each client you acquire will bring you over the lifetime of your business relationship
  • Your client satisfaction rate -- How pleased your clients are with you and the services you provide
  • Your referral rate -- How many of your clients are or are willing to refer your massage practices to a friend, family member or acquaintance

Why focus on client retention and repeat bookings? 

For most businesses, it costs less to keep an existing client happy and returning than it does to acquire a new client. You can determine your business’s potential marketing savings by comparing your customer acquisition costs to the cost of retaining an existing customer, such as loyalty programs. Also, the higher your client retention rates and customer lifetime value are, the greater your return on investment (ROI) for each dollar spent on client acquisition. 


When each client visits you more often, you are also able to spend less time and money seeking new clients. Plus, your income and workload become more steady and predictable. 

How SOAP notes can boost your rates of client retention and your client lifetime value

SOAP notes are essential for ensuring continuity of care and proper billing for each client visit, but they can do much more than that. Use your SOAP notes as a tool to educate each client and demonstrate your attention to their care. When you do, you’ll enhance their experience and encourage them to complete their treatment plan. Satisfied clients are more likely to continue booking sessions with you but also to refer others to your practice. 


Bad client experiences lead to lost clients or fewer bookings


Among patients dissatisfied with their healthcare provider (Source: West, Prioritizing the Patient Experience)

  • 81% are likely to switch providers
  • 74% put off seeing their provider

Show your clients that you are listening

It can be a challenge to balance the need to accurately record information in your notes with the need to use your time effectively. But, whether you record your notes during each treatment session or after, don’t overlook the opportunity to demonstrate to each person whom you treat that you listened to their concerns. Be attentive as you record their pain points. Make notes of their personal preferences or other issues they raise as well. Don’t count on your memory to bring these matters to mind at their next appointment.  

Demonstrate your expertise and gain client buy-in for your treatment plan

Your clients are more likely to trust your expertise and accept and follow through with their treatment plans if they understand those plans. Share the details from the planning section of your SOAP notes with your client as a tool to educate them about the benefits of each element of your plan. Talk to them about the self-care instructions included in the plan and make sure that they understand not only what to do, but also why. 


At the start of each session with your clients, review their understanding of the plan and their feedback about its effectiveness. Do they feel that they are improving? Are they confident with your advice? 


Building relationships is the key to generating loyal clients

Modern healthcare customers have many options to choose from when seeking a provider. 


What makes them choose one over another? Your clients want to know that you actively listen to their concerns and that they can trust in your expertise. 


Earn your clients’ loyalty and increase the lifetime value of each of your client relationships by investing a little time in each session to listen and engage. Then, ensure that your memory will not fail you and demonstrate your attention by maintaining detailed SOAP notes. 

Would you like more tips on how to enhance your clients’ experience and their loyalty at each step on their treatment journey? 


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