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Invoicing Best Practices For Massage Therapists

updated on

June 25, 2024

Invoicing Best Practices For Massage Therapists

At the heart of every successful business are successful billing practices. To close the loop on the valuable services you provide to your clients, you need to get paid. In previous articles, we’ve talked about when and how much you should bill for your services. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to create invoices that ease the payment process for you and your clients. 

Include Critical Client Information

Your invoice serves as your record that you requested payment. So, it needs to include details about their treatment and you. 


Each Massage Therapy Invoice Should Have:

  • A unique identifier. Use either a unique number or letter and number combination so that you and your client can easily identify the invoice attached to each treatment and payment.

  • Client and treatment details. Include your client’s name and contact information, the treatments or services provided and their dates. Remember that you may include more than one fee on an invoice so be sure to itemize with sufficient details about each item, including any product purchases, taxes or additional fees.

    Also, if you or your client will be seeing payment or reimbursement from government or private insurers, you should include details such as the name and ID of any referring physician or the relevant treatment code to help validate the claim.
  • Invoice dates and payment terms. The invoice should be dated and include the payment due date. Disclose any late payment fees or penalties and your methods of payment as well.

    Be sure to include all of your payment options--the easier it is for your client to pay you, the faster the money will come.
  • Your business name, contact information and details. Add your business name and full contact information to your invoices so that clients with questions can easily reach you. Don’t forget to add your web address and links to your payment portal!

    To help your clients who may seek reimbursement from third-party payers, include your license or certification number as well.  
Invoicing Best Practices For Massage Therapists

Double Check Your Work

Including inaccurate information in an invoice hurts your credibility and slows down payment. If you are manually keying information into your invoices--double check your work.


Check each entry to make sure you’ve spelled your client’s name correctly, have selected their current mailing or email address and have entered each billed service or purchase accurately. Invest time in getting things right the first time so you don’t have to spend time correcting mistakes later. 

Leverage Automations With Massage Therapy Software

Because time is a limited commodity, massage therapists like you are faced with a conundrum.  The more clients you serve, the more you can earn. But you have to find the time to invoice those clients. And, the more clients you serve, the more invoices you have to send. 


If it takes you 5 minutes to manually create an invoice for each client following every treatment, you may be adding two or more hours of administrative work to your schedule each week! 


How Do You Find The Time To Deliver High-Quality Client Care And Send Timely, Accurate Invoices? 


Automate your billing process. ClinicSense’s billing and invoicing software writes your invoices for you. Our invoicing tool pre-fills relevant fields by importing your client’s contact and treatment information from your client files and calendar. This ensures that the information entered is up-to-date, accurate and error-free. 


You’ll have the option of printing or emailing the receipt to your client (most prefer email) and if there is an outstanding balance due, your client can pay you online through your ClinicSense payment portal.


Are you tired of spending your evenings entering addresses and treatment details? Sign up for your free trial and let ClinicSense do the work for you.

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