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Free Printable SOAP Notes Template For Massage Therapists

Updated on
March 6, 2022
Practice Management Tips
massage therapy soap note template

Even if you're not quite ready for massage therapy software, we can help! We've put together a free printable SOAP note template that you can use for clients that are visiting you to resolve a specific pain point.

Of course, successful massage therapists find that running their business via pen and paper is simply not scalable. As they get more clients and book more appointments, the paperwork starts to pile up, becoming difficult to keep organized and even taking up too much physical space in cabinets. Once you switch to clinic management software you'll find:

  1. You spend less time managing paperwork
  2. You spend more time caring for clients
  3. You feel the relief of being more organized

If you are ready to see how clinic management software can make your life easier, you can click here to try ClinicSense for free.

Want More Free Printable Massage Therapy Templates? We Have You Covered!

We also created free printable templates for intake and consent forms, gift certificates, cancellation policy, senstitive area consent for, and more! Download them all for free below.

massage therapy soap note template

What Should You Include In A Massage Therapy SOAP Note Template?

When looking at a SOAP note for massage therapy, it is important to look for subjective information provided by the client about their condition, objective observations made by the therapist, assessments and evaluations of the client's condition, and a plan for treatment, including goals and outcomes. Additionally, any changes in the client's condition from previous sessions should be noted.

In addition to the key elements mentioned previously, you should also look for information about the client's medical history, any relevant medications they are taking, and any precautions or contraindications that may impact the massage therapy session. It is also important to review the therapist's notes on the massage techniques used, the client's response to the treatment, and any recommendations for self-care or follow-up sessions. Finally, the note should include any relevant communication or collaboration with other healthcare providers involved in the client's care.

How Do You Customize SOAP Note Templates? 

ClinicSense is one of the first massage therapy software solutions to offer customizable massage therapy templates! This means you can create a SOAP Note template from scratch and save it to use on a regular basis, or for a particular client!  Our solution also offers point and click short code functionality - meaning that you can set up a short code for something one time, and use it forever without having to waste time or energy typing detailed notes.

What Does SOAP Note Stand For?

SOAP note stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. It is a standard method of documentation used in healthcare, including massage therapy, to record and track a client's progress over time. The subjective section includes the client's self-reported symptoms and concerns, the objective section includes the therapist's observations and measurements, the assessment section includes the therapist's professional evaluation of the client's condition, and the plan section outlines the proposed treatment approach and goals for future sessions.

SOAP notes are important for massage therapists because they provide a structured and consistent way to document and communicate important information about a client's condition and treatment plan. This can help ensure continuity of care, facilitate collaboration with other healthcare providers, and support evidence-based decision-making. Additionally, SOAP notes can help protect the therapist from liability by documenting informed consent, contraindications, and other important aspects of the client's care.

Why Should You Consider SOAP Note Software?

As a massage therapist, using SOAP note software can provide many benefits. First, it can save time and increase efficiency by automating the process of creating and organizing SOAP notes. This can free up more time for the therapist to focus on providing quality care to their clients.

SOAP note software can also improve the accuracy and completeness of notes, reducing the risk of errors or omissions that could impact the client's care. The software can provide prompts and reminders for important information that should be included, such as medical history, treatment goals, and follow-up recommendations.

In addition, SOAP note software can improve communication and collaboration with other healthcare providers by enabling easy sharing and access to client records. This can enhance the quality of care and support a more coordinated approach to treatment.

Finally, using SOAP note software can help massage therapists stay compliant with legal and regulatory requirements for record-keeping and documentation. This can provide peace of mind and reduce the risk of potential legal or ethical issues arising from incomplete or inaccurate notes.

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