A Household Name: Osteo Genie Wellness Hub

Jeannie Dhun

Jeannie had a lot more to offer than she originally thought

An Unexpected Discovery Led to Jeannie Finding Her Life’s Work

Working as a nurse wasn’t as fulfilling as Jeannie thought it’d be. Sure, she was helping people, but it wasn’t the personal, hands-on experience she expected. It was mostly doling out meds. She was discontent and disappointed.

Then, Jeannie discovered Osteopathy. She had nagging pain from an old injury that physio didn’t really help. A friend suggested Jeannie see an osteopath. Jeannie didn’t know what osteopathy was, so she googled it.

Upon reading the description of osteopathy being a hands-on, holistic approach to medicine, she felt something inside of her ignite. As she continued reading, she learned that osteopathy was exactly what she thought nursing would be but isn’t.

“At that moment, I knew this was what I needed to do .”

Jeannie signed up for an Osteopathy program the very next day. After completing the program, she went to work at a busy clinic working as an osteopath. Jeannie enjoyed her work, and she was building a solid patient base. Then covid hit and she was informed that she would need to find a new place to work.

Faced with the difficult decision of starting over either at another clinic or opening her own practice, Jeannie took the leap. She opened her own practice in the mists of the Covid Pandemic. Some of her old colleagues came along on the venture with her at the new place.

Her Practice Doubled in Size in Less Than 2 Years

Most of Jeannie’s patients followed her to her new practice. She was going to be fine, but the other practitioners joining her needed more patients to succeed.

So, Jeannie and her team hit the pavement. They went door-to-door to homes in their neighborhood. They visited dental offices and networked with neighboring businesses. It was difficult to get people to talk to them due to the current Covid restrictions, but they persisted. Determined to make it.

Their old-school tactics and face-to-face networking forged real bonds in the community. They made themselves known and educated people on the important work they were doing. Then, their schedules started filling up.

The practice grew rapidly. Before they hit the 2-year mark, they had to move into a space twice the size of their old office. Osteo Genie Wellness Hub offers more than a dozen services. Whatever patients need, they can help. The multi-disciplinary practice is made up of independent contractors: 5 manual osteopaths, RMTs, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Spinal Energetics, Akashic Records and past life healing, Bioenergetics Intolerance Elimination (BIE) and a Reiki practitioner.

Jeannie's ultimate business goal is to be the place people go for all their wellness needs. With a wide array of services, they are a one-stop-shop that includes non-traditional modalities that could suit every body.

Osteo Genie Wellness Check-in Area

Affordable Software is Essential to Running Her Business

Before Jeannie started her own practice, she worked at a clinic that used pen and paper for everything. When the clinic decided to switch to software, Jeannie helped them find the best one for the practice. ClinicSense was the most secure and user-friendly option she found.

There were 2 things that were extremely important to Jeannie when choosing clinic management software:
          1. Anyone off the street could use it.
          2. It must be a software company with secure servers in Canada for privacy compliance.

ClinicSense fits that bill. That’s why when Jeannie started her own practice, she used ClinicSense right from the start.  

“Honestly, the SOAP Notes are my favorite feature. There are 3 options. You can go from very basic to it’s almost typed out for you. Having different types of practitioners, it's very helpful to have those options.”

ClinicSense makes it easy for patients to book online, for practitioners to chart, and for the clinic manager to stay organized. That leaves more time for everyone to do what they do best - help people.

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