Jesse Built His Practice Offering Only A Single Service

Jesse Jones

Jesse Knows What He Does Well, And That’s All He Does

There Are A Few Things He’s Always Known

Massage therapy is Jesse’s second career, and he knew exactly why he chose the profession when he went into it. As a runner and martial artist, he knows what it’s like for an injury to keep you from doing what you want to do. Through the years, he’s had several miraculous experiences with bodyworkers who alleviated pain he believed would stop him from running another marathon.

It wasn’t just the idea of working his own miracles that lured him towards massage therapy. After 3 years as a police officer, Jesse wanted to make his own rules. Becoming a massage therapist was an opportunity to work for himself, set his own hours, and do things his way.

When Jesse went into massage therapy, he had no desire to do relaxation massage or work in a spa. He wanted to work with people with injuries. After he got his license, he took a job at an integrated health clinic, working alongside PTs and chiropractors. It was a perfect fit, and it paid the bills. After a couple of years at the clinic, he started slowly building his own practice on the side. 

That Clarity Paved The Way For His Success

Unlike many massage therapists, Jesse didn’t try to build a diverse menu of services, even though he’s studied multiple modalities. Instead, he focuses solely on muscle-specific sports massage, because that’s what he loves and what he’s really good at. 

Most of his clients aren’t athletes. They’re people with chronic pain or acute injuries. That's what he specializes in. He thrives on helping people overcome injuries and manage painful conditions. He’s built his entire practice around that.

Jesse’s had a private practice for 10 years now and has reached the ceiling of what he can do as a solo-practitioner. He’s booked solid most of the time, seeing 25 clients a week. With many working years ahead of him, he’s starting to think about the future. There will be a day when he doesn’t have the stamina, strength, and/or desire to do massage full-time.

Within the next 5 years, Jesse wants to hire 2-3 massage therapists to work for him. So, eventually, he can step into more of a managerial role. His goal is to build a brand that makes people recognize massage therapy as a medical treatment. A practice full of skilled therapists is a big step towards that.

Jesse’s not in a rush though. His top priority is being a dad. With a 6-year-old at home, that’s where Jesse wants to spend his time. Being a solo practitioner offers a level of flexibility and control far greater than most career paths. Long story short, Jesse got what he wanted: he’s in charge of where and how things go from here.

ClinicSense Has Everything He Needs To Run His Practice

Jesse’s learned two things that impact the number of clients and leads he gets. The first is location. The closer your business is to their house the better, and it needs to be in a nice neighborhood. The second thing that makes a big difference is online scheduling. 

“I’ve had patients tell me that when they were shopping around for massage therapists, they chose me because I had online scheduling and others didn’t.”

In the early days of his business, Jesse used multiple systems for scheduling, invoicing, and SOAP notes. It worked, but it wasn’t ideal. It required a lot of manual data entry, and he could only access files at work - unless he lugged a computer back and forth.

Jesse wanted a single system that had everything. So, he switched to ClinicSense. The most important feature to him was SOAP notes. Documenting patient care is an essential part of his practice. ClinicSense has the best SOAP notes for massage therapists, and, back then, it was the only software with SOAP notes.

He was excited about the switch. Having everything in one place, with mostly automated data entry, and the ability to access it from anywhere changed everything. It’s a seamless system that’s served him well for years.

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