SOAP Notes

Are you experiencing stress from managing paperwork? Is it getting worse as your business grows? You’ll feel at peace with secure, organized, digital SOAP notes. We have 3 templates to choose from, highlighted by our unique point & click style note.

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online massage soap notes

Online Scheduling

Missed phone calls lead to telephone tag, or even worse, clients booking elsewhere. With online scheduling, your clients can book instantly. Need help with no-shows? You can ask clients for a credit card number to reserve their time slot (optional).

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massage scheduling for clients

Appointment Reminders

No-shows are super frustrating and can mean $50 to $150 in lost revenue. Our text & email reminders help clients remember they have an appointment coming up so they don’t forget to show up.

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appointment reminders

COVID Pre-screening

To help keep you and your clients safe, you can use our automated pre-screening tool. Clients will be emailed an agreement. Once they've agreed you'll see a checkmark on their appointment to know pre-screening is complete.

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covid-19 pre-screening form

Customizable intake forms

Our forms are customizable and automatically emailed to clients before their appointment. They submit the form online for a totally touchless interaction.

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client intake forms save time


Most clients prefer an emailed receipt over a printed one, and ClinicSense offers just that. Plus, we integrate with Square and Stripe so clients can prepay online and avoid touching your payment terminal.

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software for billing, payments, and eclaims


Have you calculated how much time is spent on creating invoices? It can add up to 75+ hours each year. With ClinicSense, invoices are automatically created as soon as the client books an appointment so you can spend more time with clients.

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Gift Certificates

Many massage therapists haven’t reached their full potential for selling gift certificates. With ClinicSense, you can sell gift certificates through your website. Couple that with our email promotion tools and you can double or triple your sales.

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gift certificates


Are you keeping track of everything that’s required to grow your business? Revenue growth, receivables, sales tax collected, client retention, etc? With ClinicSense, all of this information is available to you at the click of a button.

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ClinicSense automatically emails clients that haven't been in for a while and asks them to book another appointment - so you get repeat business!

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Availability Campaigns

An easy way to fill your calendar. ClinicSense can automatically email your clients every Monday (or every 2nd Monday, depending on your preference) with a summary of your availability. Clients can then click through to book online and start filling your calendar.

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availability campaign

Email Campaigns

Want to send a message to all your clients? Or maybe run a customer appreciation promo? With ClinicSense you can create a custom email campaign to promote your business.

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email campaigns

Birthday Emails

ClinicSense will automatically send your clients an email on their birthday - and you can choose to include a birthday promotion like $20 off their next treatment.

birthday emails