Customizable Massage Forms

For the ultimate in flexibility you can build and completely customize any type of form you need for your massage business.

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ClinicSense offers both customizable intake forms and consent forms, but we also give you the ability to create any type of form that’s needed for your business. ClinicSense forms offer the most flexibility. You can completely customize your forms, then our automation will take care of sending them to clients based on the service they booked and if they are a new or returning client.

Customize your form...

Choose from 15 question types, including: multiple choice, short answer, long answer, rating scales, date selection, and more.

Indicate if certain questions are required for the client to complete or if they are optional.

Mark questions as “office use only” if you don’t want them to appear when the client is filling out the form.

Select how often the form needs to be updated. For example, some forms you may want updated only once per year, while others you need updated before every appointment.

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Automate your forms...

Once you’ve created a form, choose which services require that form.

For example, you may have a form specifically for prenatal clients, so you’ll only want the form sent when they book your prenatal service.

When an appointment is booked, ClinicSense will detect which forms need to be completed for that service and will take action based on if the customer is a new or returning client.

If they are a new client, ClinicSense will email the required forms.

If they are a returning client, ClinicSense will then look to see if they have already completed the required form or if they are due to update them.

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Submitting a form...

ClinicSense will package all required forms as a single document for your clients to complete and send it to them via email.

The client will open the form in their web browser on their computer, tablet, or phone.

Once they submit the forms, they are immediately available for you to view in your ClinicSense dashboard.

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