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Your personal marketing assistant will increase the number of bookings you have each week.

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Here’s the thing about being a business owner… you have to wear many hats. And one of those hats is being a marketing manager.

Unfortunately there’s not enough time in your day to dedicate to marketing, and hiring a marketing assistant is simply not in the budget for many massage businesses. That’s where Kodee, your personal marketing assistant, comes in.

Any marketing expert will tell you that marketing to your existing customers is the key to long term success and the growth of your business. And that’s exactly what Kodee does for you so you can focus your attention on your clients and your craft.

You can turn on Kodee for any of the following tasks...

Availability campaigns

Kodee will scan your calendar for availability and send an email to your clients with a summary of your availability and a prompt for them to book online.

You can choose for this email to go out weekly or bi-weekly.

If clients choose to unsubscribe, it will be just from this one campaign type, not all of your communications.

ClinicSense customers using Kodee for Availability Campaigns earn an extra $960/mo on average.

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Win-back campaigns

There will be times when a client comes to see you and they don’t book again. Usually it’s simply because you haven’t been top of mind for them.

If you can prevent them from becoming a lost client and instead get them to book again (and again, and again), then you go from earning no extra income from that client to adding hundreds or thousands of dollars to your income.

Rather than manually tracking lost clients, Kodee can do this for you.

Each day, Kodee will scan your client list for anyone that hasn’t been in for a few months (you choose how many months) and send them an email encouraging them to book with you.

You can optionally include a promo code to add an incentive and increase your win-back rates.

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Client at-risk monitor

Kodee will monitor the status of clients who have received one of your win-back email campaigns.

If they are unresponsive, Kodee will report that you are at risk of losing this client on you Client Retention Report so you can reach out personally to try and save them.

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Birthday campaigns

Each day Kodee will scan your client list for upcoming birthdays and send them a personalized happy birthday message from you.

You can optionally include a promo code as a special gift (like $5 off their next treatment).

Clients love the recognition and especially love receiving a small gift from you. Little touches like this can go a long way for building long-lasting relationships.

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