Paper Intake Forms Make For a Bad Customer Experience

Does this sound familiar? A new client shows up right at 10am for their 10am appointment, forgetting that they’ll need 5 to 10 minutes to complete their intake form. Now you’re either behind schedule or the client is upset their 60 minutes of treatment time is down to 50 minutes.

Or how about having to reference a client’s intake form when it’s buried in a filing cabinet somewhere? It’s a bit of a pain. One we’ve solved.

stack of paper client intake forms

ClinicSense Online Intake Forms

Use our intake form or customize it with your own questions. As soon as a new client books their first appointment, they are emailed a link to their secure intake form that they complete online from their home or office. Once submitted, it’s automatically uploaded into their client file for you to view.

Not only does this mean no filing, it means no waiting for the client when they arrive at your office. And as a bonus, you can take a look at a new client's intake form the day before their appointment to see if there’s anything to research prior to the treatment. That’s a level of professionalism your clients will love.

digital client file