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Finding Time For Marketing Is A Challenge

One of the reasons we started ClinicSense is because we knew that the day-to-day schedule of a massage therapist is busy and often stressful. On top of treatments, you have to manage the business, and when there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done, it’s often marketing that suffers, which hurts your business in the long run.

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automated email send on the client's birthday

ClinicSense Provides Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

We’ve included tools in ClinicSense to take some of the day-to-day marketing tasks off of your hands. For example, we automatically contact clients when it’s been a while since their last appointment. A friendly email reminds them you’re available to book an appointment with. This is great for getting repeat business.

We also automatically email clients on their birthday. This is one of those little touches that is highly appreciated by clients. It’s great for relationship building and is the type of thing that keeps people coming back regularly. Many of our customers choose to include a promotion in their birthday emails - for example $10 off the next treatment as a little gift. This acts as an incentive for the client to book their next appointment sooner rather than later.

Finally, when you have news to share about your business, or if you’d like to let your clients know about a special promotion (like a Mother’s Day special), you can use ClinicSense to send out an email to all of your clients.