Managing Gift
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Managing Gift Certificate Sales Can Be Stressful

We’ve met many therapists who manage their massage gift certificates with an Excel spreadsheet. It inevitably becomes a headache for them as they try to track sales and the balances remaining on the gift certificates.

On top of that, clients are looking for a more convenient option to buy gift certificates for their loved ones than coming into your office.

Clinicsense makes it easy

ClinicSense helps you sell and manage gift certificates. Enter the gift certificate and payment into ClinicSense and once it’s redeemed we’ll automatically update the balance for you. You can also track your sales & redemptions via our reporting tools.

Finally, you can choose to add the “buy gift certificate” button to your website to enable online sales.

payment report for massage therapists
payment report for massage therapists

Do You Have The Sales Insights You Need To Grow Your Business?

A big pain for many business is… numbers. Keeping track of sales, revenue growth, receivables, sales tax, etc is time consuming and stressful at best. This is especially true around tax time, when you are trying to calculate your earnings and determine how much sales tax to remit to the government.

Reports At The Click Of a Button

With ClinicSense, all of this information is available at the click of a button. Choose a start date and end date, and we’ll tell you how much money you made during that time (broken down by treatment type), how much sales tax you collected, and who owes you money.

On top of that, you can get a list of all appointments and payments made during your selected time period, and we’ll even tell you which clients are due for their next appointment