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Create a Customer-Focused Page for Your Massage Business

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March 26, 2023

When a potential customer visits your massage clinic website, they are usually looking for several essential pieces of information. Among the first questions they want answered are who you are and what you do. To get answers to those questions, many of your prospective customers will head straight for your massage therapy practice’s About Us page.




Because consumers want to check you out before they decide to put their well-being in your hands. As any marketer will tell you, customers do business with people and organizations that they know, like, and trust. To convince potential customers to put their trust in you, your About Us page should offer visitors a look at not just your qualifications, but also your personality and values.


In her article, How to Write a Killer “About Us” Page, Susan Greene writes that customers visiting your About Us page want a “peek behind the curtain” so that they can understand your business before they choose you.


So how can you create an About Us page that helps your customers get to know, like, and trust you?


Don’t talk only about yourself
User experience expert Talia Wolf says that to win over consumers your About Us page should focus on the customer. She advises businesses to write less about how amazing they are and more about how they can solve their customers’ problems.


Wolf also advises businesses to use a conversational tone. Your About Us page should help your customers connect with your business. Don’t write in the third person, but write as if you are talking to a person.


Tell a good story
Wolf and other copywriters also recommend using storytelling on your About Us page to help you connect with your customers. Researchers at McMaster University recently reported their findings that human beings respond best to character-driven narratives. Whether those characters are introduced through images or words, they evoke a response.


How can you introduce storytelling to your About Us page?


Cast yourself as the protagonist and describe why you founded your business. Share images of your staff and invite them to write a few words about themselves and why they chose a career in massage therapy. Remember to place your customers in the story too. You can do this by explaining how your massage therapy clinic helps individual customers reach their wellness goals.


Establish your ethos
The Greek word ethos refers to a person’s or organization’s character. To win over customers, you have to demonstrate your credibility. Your About Us page should include details about your staff’s qualifications and credentials. But you don’t need to limit your proof of character to just these formal certifications. Your About Us page is also the perfect location for sharing what modern marketers refer to as social proof. Or, as Ben Austin explains in 9 Simple Tips for Making An About Us Page That Works For Your Brand, “let your customers do the talking” by including testimonials on your About Us page.


Make it Count
According marketing expert Neil Patel, the About Us page is the second most visited page on most websites. Your About Us page is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and convert your website’s visitors into loyal customers. What prospective customers see on your About Us page helps them decide whether they’ll book an appointment with your clinic or not. So--make it count! Use that space to let your clinic’s values, personality, and amazing staff shine. Engage visitors with words and images that reveal the real people behind your business.


Your massage therapy business is unique. Use these tips to create a customer-focused About Us page that tells the world what makes it special.

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