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3 Tips For Starting A Blog For Your Clinic

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June 12, 2023

Once you’ve created a website for your practice, the best way to stay engaged with your patients and to drive more traffic is to create a blog. Your blog will be your platform to share information and your opinion with your clients and fellow healthcare practitioners.


How often to blog
The golden rule of blogging is to keep your blog up-to-date with new content. Many healthcare practitioners feel that they don’t have enough time to maintain a blog, but the truth is you do. You’ll want to post to your blog at least once every couple of weeks, which should only take 1-2 hours, and doesn’t necessarily have to be done in one sitting. For instance, I just finished dinner and am writing this post at 7:30pm with the TV on in the background… It’s simple to make more efficient use of your time.


What to write about
This is simple. You are a massage therapist, a chiropractor, physical therapist, etc., making you an expert in your field. So write about what you know best! And remember, blogging is not school; you only need to write a few hundred words and you want to keep it casual (especially since most medical terms will go over your patients’ heads). Clients love to read about health advice from their practitioners – so write about what they can do to keep healthy – stretches, recipes, etc. are a great place to start. Remember, you are helping improve people’s lives by teaching them something new, something you know lots about, so be proud of your posts!


How to spread the word
Of course, as your clients visit you, you want to let them know that you have a website and encourage them to visit your blog. Add your web address to all of your brochures and business cards too!


Secondly, you’ll want to spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. For each blog post, send a tweet/post/update with your blog title and a link to the post. You can also include hash tags to help reach your audience, hash tags such as #dentistry, #optometry, #chiropractor, #acupuncture, etc.


In Summary

  1. Add a blog to your website
  2. Keep it updated - write a post at least once every couple weeks
  3. Write about your expertise
  4. Share your blog post on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn


It can take a while to grow a blog following, so be consistent and patient, and over time your following will grow from 1 to hundreds, or even thousands.


Happy Blogging!

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