Beat Massage Envy by providing stand-out services

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March 26, 2023


A Massage Envy franchise is opening nearby, what does that mean for your massage therapy business? 


The wave of ads touting convenient hours of operation and low introductory prices that accompany a Massage Envy (ME) grand opening, might make you feel anxious. When a new ME comes to town, you might even see a temporary decline in bookings. Your clients may decide to visit the new shop to see what all the buzz is about. 


But, as an experienced business owner, you know that it takes more than hype to keep a business operating profitably. 


What will you do to retain your customers and grow your business if ME moves into your neighborhood? 


If your first instinct is to try to match Massage Envy’s entry-level prices, take a moment to reconsider. What do customers really get when they book an appointment with Massage Envy? Are they sacrificing quality, value-added services for a lower price? Give them a better choice.

You can distance yourself from ME and pull ahead in the race for customers by offering a better quality experience at a higher price and increase your revenue at the same time. 


Here’s what I mean. 


The average cost for a non-member to receive a one-hour treatment at ME is around $100. Members can book a season for around $50 but this is only after they’ve paid an average monthly fee of $60 to $70 (that’s at least $15 per week whether they book an appointment or not!)

But, ME’s business model is built for efficiency and speed, not personalized attention. It is a one-size-fits-most operation. Customers can’t be sure that they’ll see their favorite treatment provider when they book a session, or even the same provider more than once. Other options are limited as well. After all, off-menu requests slow things down which is bad for a business that competes on price. 


Customers choose Massage Envy for its convenience and affordability, not because the business makes them feel particularly special. 


Yet there is another customer base out there. One that isn’t looking for what ME offers. This is your customer base and you don’t even have to compete with ME to win them. You only need to offer them a quality, personalized experience for a price that reflects its value. 


Think about this. A weekly no-frills, 60-minute session for a MEnvy member will cost them around $65 after you factor in their monthly membership fee. If you match that fee and complete 20 sessions each week, you’ll bring in $1,300 weekly. 


But, what if you charged $100 per session to customers who prefer to know and be known by their provider? Your revenue would increase by $700 each week.


And you’d still be charging no more than a non-member would pay at MEnvy and less than what a member would pay if they only use their membership once a month (one $50 session + the $60 monthly membership fee). 


Are those quality-conscious customers really out there? Yes! 

  • 84% of customers surveyed by Gladly in 2020 said they would go out of their way to spend more with businesses that provide a great customer experience 
  • 77% of customers will recommend brands that offer a personalized experience to their family and friends (Source: Gladly 2020 Customer Expectations Report)

What do premium customers want?


Knowledgeable, trustworthy providers who listen to their needs and solve their problems. 


The best part? Listening to your clients and offering them personalized answers and advice doesn’t cost you a penny. It just requires an attention to detail that Massage Envy can’t duplicate.


Don’t lose another minute’s sleep over Massage Envy. Treat your customers like people instead of numbers and watch your numbers grow. 


To discover more ways to beat Massage Envy and grow your business, check out our free ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Beating Massage Envy. And, to provide the best customer experience to your customers, check out the ClinicSense suite of tools. 

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