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How To Get More Repeat Bookings

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March 25, 2024

If you’re able to attract new customers, you’re going to have a good business. But if you’re able to attract new customers, and get them to re-book often, you’re going to have a great business. It’s often said that it’s much cheaper to retain an existing customer than attract a new one, so let’s talk about how to get the most out of your current customers.


1. Don’t let them leave without booking another appointment
This advice is probably not new to you, but here’s what might be new. Don’t ask the client “when would you like to come in next”? Let’s remember that you just completed an assessment and should have a treatment plan in mind. Instead, you’ll want to say “After today’s assessment I have developed a treatment plan for you to help with [insert their issue]. I’d recommend coming back once every 2 weeks for an additional 3 treatments (or whatever your plan is). Does Dec 14th work for you?”


Remember, you are their healthcare provider, an expert that knows the best course of action to alleviate their pain. Don’t shy away from that role. Be confident in your treatment plan. And if they still decide not to book another appointment on the spot…


2. Follow up relentlessly
If you gave the client a great treatment and an overall positive experience, the only reason they haven’t booked another appointment with you is because they are busy. Once they leave your treatment room, they have the stressors of every day life to deal with and unfortunately, you are not the first thing on their mind. So sometimes, they just need a gentle reminder that you’re there.


Keep track of which clients haven’t been in to see you in a while and plan an hour or 2 out of every week to call those clients, ask how they’re doing, and let them know your availability for the next week.


This strategy has an incredible impact on your business, but unfortunately, when things get busy it’s one of the first things to come off the schedule. Don’t allow that to happen to you! But if you’re having trouble keeping up with tracking all of those clients, consider using ClinicSense – which automatically tracks which clients haven’t been in for a while and sends them an email to ask them if they’d like to see you again.


3. Provide incentives for booking multiple appointments
Rewarding customers for their loyalty is a great way to keep them coming back for more, and to get them to talk about you to their friends. Consider a couple options for your clinic:


First, a loyalty card will help you track which clients are visiting you often, and serves a constant reminder in their wallet that you’re just around the corner. Consider offering their 10th treatment for free. And here’s a little psychology tip. After their first treatment, mark off that they were in for a second treatment on their loyalty card (even though they’ve only had one). When people feel like they are getting closer to a goal, they are more likely to try to reach that goal – so by marking an extra treatment off, they will feel more motivation to reach the 10th appointment (plus you look like you did them a special favor).


Second, consider selling massage packages. You get upfront payment for several massages (guaranteeing you revenue) in exchange for a volume discount. For example, a 3-massage package for a 10% discount, 5 massages for a 15% discount, and 10 massages for a 20% discount.


4: Bonus: Upsell – how to increase your revenue per appointment
If you have someone coming in for a 30-minute treatment, but know that your schedule is empty after that appointment, why not try to upsell? Let the client know that you have an offer to upgrade their 30 minute appointment to a 45 minute appointment for only $10 more. You’d be surprised how many people will take you up on the offer and with little extra cost to you.


If you don’t have extra time after the appointment, consider other areas where you can upsell – like an aromatherapy add-on. An extra $5 or $10 here and there can really add up over the course of a year!

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