How To Run A Birthday Promotion

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April 21, 2023

Marketing for massage therapists

There are certain times throughout the year that you can use to help boost business. For example, with Valentine’s Day just passed, hopefully you got a big boost in gift certificate sales by promoting the gift of relaxation for your significant other. You likely also see an increase in sales on Mother’s Day, Christmas, Father’s Day, and more. Today I want to talk about how to use clients’ birthdays as a way to gain more business.


The first advantage to paying attention to your clients’ birthdays is customer service. The little touches like an email on your client’s birthday is what brings your customer service from good to great. And people talk about great customer service! So start keeping personal notes about your clients – and you can go beyond their birthday by noting important dates like anniversaries, or even just by asking specific questions when you greet the client – like: “Last time we were talking about your son’s upcoming championship soccer game, how did they do?”


When talking specifically about birthdays, the next thing we want to do is think beyond customer service and start to think about how we can use the opportunity to attract the client back into your office. This can be done with a simple birthday promotion. For example, when you send an email to wish the client a happy birthday, why not include a message about how they deserve some relaxation on their birthday, and then attach a small gift like $10 off of their next service.


The end result is (1) an appreciation of your note (2) an appreciation of your gift (3) increased word of mouth and (3) the customer taking you up on the offer and booking another appointment with you (perhaps when they were not even considering it for their near future). The great thing about including this in your marketing strategy is that it can require only an extremely small effort to reap the rewards. This is especially true if you are using a practice management software like ClinicSense. Rather than doing this manually each day, all of this work is done for you – you simply set up the email and promotion and ClinicSense automatically sends out the email on the client’s birthday.


The other thing that you can do for a birthday promotion is keep track of relationships of your clients – spouse, mother, father, daughter, etc. When you know that someone’s birthday is coming up, you can send out an email to their family members promoting your gift certificate sales, something like: “It looks like someone special to you has a birthday coming up – give the gift of massage!” Ideally your little reminder encourages them to buy a gift certificate from you as a birthday present. And if you’re using ClinicSense, simply direct them to buy the gift certificate via your website where they can buy instantly and print off the gift certificate from home!

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