What Design Should Your Massage Therapy Website Have?

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May 25, 2023

Massage therapy website

If you’re wondering what design you should use for your massage therapy website, you’re in the right place. Your website is your online storefront. If you think about it, browsing the web is like window shopping. The design of your website needs to invite your potential clients in. Your website is a way to promote your massage therapy business, and it’s also a sneak peak of the experience you offer. 

5 elements of web design

  1. Color scheme. If you already have a logo and branding, choosing the right colors is as simple as making sure your website matches. If you don’t already have brand colors, it’s time to create some.

    When choosing colors for your massage therapy web design, you want to select colors that reflect the experience you offer. Different colors are associated with different emotions and inspire different feelings. For instance, yellow is sunny and bright, while grey can be dark, clean or intense.

    If you use all natural products, consider green. If your specialty is medical massage, blue might be the right color for you. When in doubt, choose shades that are calm or soothing because that’s ultimately the feeling your potential clients are seeking.

    Jocelyn Witcox uses color to set the tone of the experience she offers.

  2. Font: Use your font to show off the personality of your brand. Fonts can be fun, elegant, modern or classic. Choose one that matches the other elements of your design. Above all, make sure it’s easy to read!

    Keep it simple by using a single font throughout your entire website. Alternatively, you can choose 2 fonts that compliment each other. If you choose two different fonts, use one for your headlines and the other for the body of your copywriting.

    Again, if you already have a logo and business cards, use the same font from those items on your website. Your massage marketing strategies will be more successful if all of your material has the same look and feel.

  3. Images: Choose images for your  website that your massage therapy clients will relate to and/or be drawn to.  Consider what emotional benefits your clients are seeking, and the specific services they are looking for.

    For example, if they are looking to relax and take better care of themselves, pick images that evoke a sense of calm and wellness. If you offer a unique service, show a picture of what that looks like. The images should help them imagine what it’s like to be there enjoying your services.

    It’s also a good idea to include professional and friendly photos of yourself and your staff. Plus a couple shots of your clinic, so they know what to expect.

    Thrive Massage Therapy And Wellness does a great job using an image to display their message and the experience of visiting their clinic.

thrive massage therapy and wellness website page

  1. Layout: The layout you choose for your massage therapy website, should make the information people are looking for easy to find. Website visitors are not going to read through everything on your website. They are going to scan it. So organize eye-catching images and text in a way that tells a story at a glance.

    The main thing you want people to know about your business should be bold and at the top of the page. That way people immediately know what your business is all about. Do this by using an image that tells your story + a short phrase or sentence that sums up your primary offer.

    Below that, organize the other things your potential clients want to know about. Remember, do it in a way that they can glance at it and get the gist. Your website visitors will be looking for something specific: so make sure those things are easy to see.

    One thing most of your visitors will be looking for is your pricing of services. A Better U does a great job of making these details easy to see.

  2. CTA: You use a Call To Action (CTA), to get your website visitors to do something. Most likely, the main thing you want someone to do when they visit your massage therapy website is to book an appointment. Incorporating online scheduling is a great way to optimize your massage schedule. Create a CTA that directs people to book an appointment, and place it in a prominent location.

    Your CTAs will often be links or buttons that take your website visitors where they need to go. So, if you want visitors to book an appointment, create a button that says “Book An Appointment”. Then link that button to your online scheduling. If this CTA is always visible on your massage therapy website, you’re bound to book more appointments.

    Any place on your website where it’s appropriate to redirect your reader, use a CTA to get them where you want them to go. This could be a link to your services, testimonials or an invitation to connect on social media. Use CTAs throughout your site, to make navigation easy and to ensure your visitors follow the path of your choosing.

website services page

What design should your massage therapy website have?

Before you begin designing your massage therapy website, think about who your ideal client is. Your website needs to be attractive to that type of person.

The common misconception about business websites is that the website is about the business. The truth is, a successful website is not about your business. It’s about your customers. So design it for them.

If you were going to paint a picture of exactly what your clients are looking for, that’s what your website should look like.

Make your message clear and your website is easy to navigate. When potential customers are searching online for businesses like yours, they won’t spend a lot of time exploring your website. Instead, they’ll make a decision about your website in just a few seconds. 

Display everything visitors need to know about what you do and who you help at the top of the page. Place your message on top of an image that calls to them, and include a CTA directly below your message. That may be everything they need to see in order to make a decision. If they don’t need to scroll to see it, even better!

Keep it clean and concise. Choose a design that is aesthetically pleasing, and make sure things like services, hours and pricing are easy to find.

Your massage therapy website should look professional, inviting and organized. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Just focus on your message, and keep it simple.

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