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Tips To Outsourcing Your Reception As A Massage Therapist

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May 25, 2023

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Running a massage therapy practice is difficult. Not only do you have to interact with your clients and stay up to date on new techniques and trends in the industry, you also have to deal with business issues.


Bills need to be paid, invoices sent out, appointments need to be booked and verified. At times it may be overwhelming. It’s at this point where you may consider bringing in some help. You can hire a person to come in and deal with the everyday issues of running a business, you can hire a virtual assistant, or you can find clinic management software to automate some of your administrative tasks.

What Is A Virtual Assistant? 

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self-employed person who can assist you in administrative, technical or creative tasks for your business. They work remotely, usually at home, from any spot in the world.


Many of these VAs are highly qualified and often have college degrees in their field of expertise. Finding a qualified candidate is as easy as conducting an internet search.


VAs Are Cost Effective

 Because they can be located anywhere in the world, hiring a virtual assistant can save your practice a lot of money.


In countries like India and the Philippines the cost of living is very low compared to Western countries like the United States and Canada. Because of this you can hire a highly qualified VA for a fraction of what you would pay an actual employee to work in your office.


As an added bonus you can pay VAs only for the work that they complete. An hourly employee gets paid whether they are working on a task or not. Paying only for the work completed is another way to cut costs and save money.


How Can VAs Help Massage Therapists?

 One of the most effective ways that a VA can help your practice is by doing the administrative tasks that are currently taking up much of your time.


Your VA can answer your phones, set appointments and bill your clients. By outsourcing these tasks you can focus on tending to your clients. Which is why you got into this business in the first place.


Virtual Assistants can also help with your marketing and social media efforts. You probably didn’t study sales and marketing in school but you can find a VA who did. In theory, you could have a few VA’s working to grow your business while you focus on taking care of your clients.


Now if you are wary of giving a stranger access to your business information there are a number of software programs out there that can help automate many of the administrative tasks that a VA can do. ClinicSense can accomplish that same tasks that any VA can do. Plus, you remain in control, can do it all in-house, and pay a small fraction of the cost.


No matter what route you decide to go, VA or software, the main goal should be to free up the time that would normally be spent on administrative tasks because time is the one thing that you can never get more of.

How Else Can I Outsource My Reception?

ClinicSense is a practice management software designed for massage therapists that can save time by streamlining administrative tasks such as scheduling, billing, and note-taking. With features such as online appointment booking and automated appointment reminders, ClinicSense can reduce time spent on phone calls and manual scheduling.

ClinicSense can also help to organize client information, treatment notes, and SOAP notes in one place, making it easy to access and manage client records. Additionally, the software offers online invoicing and payment processing, eliminating the need for manual invoicing and reducing administrative time.

By automating administrative tasks and streamlining record-keeping, ClinicSense can free up time for massage therapists to focus on providing high-quality care to clients and growing their practice. Try it free!

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