Elements of A Professional Business Card

“Can I have your card?” 

When a potential client asks for your business card, are you going to give her a professional-looking business card, or only hand over the old excuse about just giving out your last one? While much of today’s marketing is done online, having a business card to give to prospects is essential in creating a professional image and helping to build trust for you and your company.

The good news is that even high-quality business cards are inexpensive to print, and easy to design — if you know where to begin. Learn more about the essentials elements of professional business card design, and watch your client list grow. All business cards are not the same, but the good ones share similar characteristics.

Good business cards are:

  • Made from high-quality stock: Cards printed on flimsy, cheap stock does not portray a professional, confident business. Try to use at least 12pt or heavier card stock.

  • A reflection of the business: Potential clients should be able to easily recognize what your company provides with a quick glance. Your company’s logo, and complementing colors are usually enough - there is no need to distract attention with additional images.

  • Easy to read: Print should be at least 9pt, with your company’s name drawing the most attention with a larger 12pt font size. Make sure you don’t try to cram too much information onto the card — white space really helps to make information stand out.

  • Useful: Don’t forget to provide easy ways to contact your business. Always include your business address, phone number, and email address. Try to avoid using a personal phone number or a email address from a free email service, like Gmail or Hotmail.

  • Double-sided: Don’t forget cards have space on the back — use it. A blank back is boring - try adding your logo, a tagline, or even a map to show your location.

  • Professionally designed: If you have the opportunity to work with a graphic designer, they will not only make sure your card follows all of the above recommendations, but you'll also get a card that is unique to your business. The small expense for something you use so often is worth it!

Once you receive your custom, professional business cards, there is only one more thing you have to do — always remember to have a few on hand at all times. You never know when you will meet your next client.