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7 Massage Add Ons To Increase Your Practice Revenue

Massage add on ideas

Want to earn more money without taking on more clients? Massage add-ons are the way to go. You don’t have to bring in more customers to increase your revenue (unless you want to). A simpler solution is to sell more to the clients you already have.

Getting clients to upgrade their service by adding on something special benefits everyone. They get more out of their massage, and you make more money. 

Struggling to come up with massage add-on ideas? Afraid to ask people to spend more or come off as pushy? Read on to overcome that fear, get some new ideas, and promote your services confidently.


How to sell massage add-ons without pressuring your clients

The truth is, people, come to your massage business to relax and feel better. They are looking forward to their time with you, and they trust you to take care of them. If this makes you immediately think, “they don’t want to be sold to,” you’re right.

Your clients don’t want to be sold to. However, they trust you to make recommendations that will benefit them. That’s right. They value your opinion and expertise. That’s why when you offer massage add-ons, you shouldn’t try to “sell them.” Simply make a recommendation to people who need that little bit extra.

Hot stone massage

Obviously, if your client has a sensitivity to heat, you don’t offer to add hot stones to their treatment. However, they might find cold stones soothing. 

Did your client have a rough week? They might need a little extra pampering. Adding something extra special to increase relaxation may be just what they need.

Suggesting someone upgrade their service when they’d benefit from it is not pushy. It’s a gift at best, and an idea they choose to pass on at worst.

Phrase your suggestions in a way that makes them curious, but not obligated.

 “I think you’d really enjoy a hot stone massage. Let me know if you want to try it sometime.”

 “Aromatherapy could be really helpful for that. Would you like to add it to your massage today?”

 “I just started offering guided meditation before massage sessions. Is that something you’d be interested in? It will extend your session by 20 minutes.”


Seven Ideas For Massage Add-Ons

1. Aromatherapy

This massage add-on can earn you extra dollars without costing you any time. You need to invest in a variety of essential oils, but a little goes a long way. Use these oils to create custom blends for clients.

Educate your clients, so they understand that this isn’t just about smelling good. It has therapeutic benefits. That’s why it’s called aroma therapy. Different oils have different qualities. Some have a calming effect on the nervous system, while others are energizing.

Essential oils

2. Hot or Cold Stones

Many of your clients have heard of hot stone massage, even if they haven’t tried it. Many of them are curious, even if they haven’t asked you about it yet. Which makes it an easy sell.

This can be a significant upcharge because it requires extra time and extra clean-up. Promote hot stone massage by explaining that heat deeply relaxes muscles. Explain that cold stone massage can be useful for things like headaches and inflammation.

3. Herbal Compresses

This is something your clients may be unfamiliar with, but they’re going to like it. Much like aromatherapy, different compresses have different therapeutic benefits. Herbal compresses are traditionally used in Thai massage, but you can incorporate them into any massage.

Again, educate your clients about the different uses and benefits of herbal balls and compresses. If someone presents a problem that a herbal compress might help, make the suggestion.

4. Guided Meditation

If you don’t want to invest in extra supplies or special equipment, meditation is a good add on option. Add 10-20 minutes to the massage session. Then begin with a guided meditation to help clients fully relax before the massage.

Meditation is scientifically proven to improve cognitive function and sleep. It also lowers stress and decreases pain. Use meditation before treating someone with a particularly painful condition. Add it to a relaxation massage for a deeper experience. (Guaranteed to leave with a massage buzz.)

5. CBD

CBD is something many of your clients are trying at home. It’s said to be an anti-inflammatory. There’s a long list of ailments it’s supposed to be useful in treating. This is why adding it to massage is a no-brainer.

Manufacturers are putting CBD in massage oils, creams and topical analgesics. It comes at a premium price, so charge appropriately.

6. Skin treatments

Is your practice in a spa-like setting? Adding different skin treatments to a massage may be just the thing. Create the ultimate spa experience by combining massage with a salt scrub or facial mask.

Create a list of different skin care options you can add to massage. Then present it to clients, and let them choose which to try. Alternatively, you can create massage packages with different combinations for a flat fee.

7. Special services

If you’re trained in any special modality, offer a sampling as a massage add-on. Things like cupping, reflexology, or corrective exercise are good additions to any massage.

These might be services you offer in full sessions normally. However, creating a mini version, as an add-on, has more than one benefit. First, you earn a little more from a single massage client. Also, after trying it as an add-on, they may book a full session of this service. 

Promote optional massage add-ons on a regular basis

Once you’ve added new services and products, you have to advertise them. That’s the only way people are going to know they are available. Work them into your current marketing strategy. If you’re not doing a lot of marketing right now, here are some ideas for getting the word out.

  • Let current clients know about it by sharing it in an email marketing campaign.
  • Talk about your new services on social media.
  • Add it to your services page on your massage website.
  • Create a facebook ad promoting your new massage services.
  • If you sell products in your massage business, put a sign beside the ones people can upgrade their service with.
  • Create massage specials to let people try new services at an introductory price.
  • Talk about the benefits of these new services to clients before they leave. That gives them a chance to upgrade their next session, without feeling pressured.
  • Promote your massage add-on as beneficial for certain ailments like headaches, anxiety or stress.
  • If you have a massage blog, write an article about what makes these services special or unique.
  • Ask people to refer you to their friends and family.