Feature Update: Add A Tip + More

Today we're writing to let you know about a few small, but important changes to ClinicSense. The first 3 are related to the online scheduling process for your clients:

1. Enter a promo code when booking online
Previously, the only place to enter a promo code was by a therapist or staff member directly on the invoice. Today, that changes. Now, when a client books online, they'll be able to enter a promo code and it will automatically show up on the invoice for their appointment.

2. Enter a gift certificate when booking online
If you are asking clients to pre-pay for appointments, or leave a deposit, they will now be able to enter a gift certificate as a form of payment. If that gift certificate covers the amount due, then they will not be required to enter their credit card number.

3. Clients can tip when booking online
If you require your clients to pay for their appointment in full before the appointment, it means there was never really a good opportunity for them to leave you a tip. We have now solved this problem. Clients that pay in full before their appointment will now have the opportunity to add a tip when paying.

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Getting Ready To Re-Launch: Fill Your Calendar Part 2

Last week we talked about the first 3 steps for filling your calendar for when you are ready to return to work:


  1. Reassure your clients
  2. Call or text people whose appointments had to be cancelled
  3. Call or text your regulars


Today we'll go through the next steps, including some free social media images below...


4. Call or text people who bought gift certificates
This one was shared by Violet in Georgia. Many massage therapists were able to sell gift certificates over the last few months to help with cash flow. Once you're back open, you'll want to reach out to these people and let them know you are back open :)


5. Turn online scheduling back on
It’s quite possible you’ll face a flood of appointment requests when you announce to all of your clients that you’re back open. To best manage your time and to avoid the stress of trying to coordinate with dozens of clients, make sure your online scheduling is on.


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Feature Update: Availability Campaigns

Over the past 2.5 months we've been thinking of how clinic management software can play a role in helping massage businesses when they re-open. ClinicSense already included features that would help with reducing touching of shared surfaces: taking pre-payment online and online intake forms, and last week we announced our new client prescreening feature.

Today, we're announcing a new feature that's designed to help you fill your calendar with appointments once you are open...

Availability Email Campaigns
We've noticed a strategy used by many massage therapists to help fill their calendar for the week. They send out an email at the beginning of the week to let their clients know what time slots are available for the week ahead.

What they have found is that simply by sending out an email with availability they are seeing an increase in the number of appointments booked. I think it works because getting a massage isn't always top-of-mind for people, so by sending an email, you make yourself top-of-mind.

It's in our nature to automate administrative tasks.... We love any idea that leads to more appointments, but it's in our nature to figure out how to spend less time doing things manually... which is why we have created a new feature called Availability Campaigns.

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Getting Ready To Re-Launch: Fill Your Calendar

Once your business has re-opened, there will still be uncertainty.


On one hand, think of all of the clients that were in the middle of a treatment plan when this hit, the number of people experiencing the highest levels of stress in their lives, and those who are not getting the amount of daily movement they are used to and are in pain. There is a world of people out there who will need the massage community more than ever and you will have the opportunity to step up and help in a big way when your doors are back open. Given that, you may get a flood of appointment requests...


...but on the other hand, some clients will still be hesitant to book. We wanted to share some strategies with you to help fill your calendar with appointments. We'll break this up into two emails so it's easier to digest.


Reassure your clients
The first step is to send an email to all of your clients. Clearly outline everything you're doing to keep your work environment safe. This can include details on how you are cleaning between sessions, changes you've made to your treatment or waiting room, implementing touchless payments & forms, and that you are prescreening each client.

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Feature Update: COVID-19 Prescreening

As many massage therapists head back to work, or at least start to prepare to head back, we wanted to take a moment to talk about a new feature that will help you manage the "new normal".

Pre-Screening Clients
The goal of this feature is to automatically pre-screen clients for COVID-19 so that you can spend less time doing it manually.

Here's how it works
When your client receives their reminder the day before their appointment (or 2 day or 3 days, depending on your settings), they will be asked to complete a COVID-19 prescreening form. They will click the link to open the form in their web browser, and once they submit the form their appointment will be marked with a checkmark (so you can easily see which appointments have been prescreened). Clients will be asked to complete the prescreening form before every appointment.

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Getting Ready To Re-Launch: Prescreening Clients

Many people have been asking us what changes will have to happen to the intake form in order to screen for COVID-19. We have seen many opinions on this: from no screening at all, to taking the temperature of every client. Everyone will of course will do whatever makes them comfortable.

Since symptoms may present at any time we recommend no changes to your intake form, but instead complete a pre-screening of every client before every appointment. It's important to complete the pre-screening before the client enters your office space to minimize your risk. So that might mean a call, text, or email the day before the appointment.

At ClinicSense, we're working on automating this process. Once a client has been pre-screened, a checkmark will appear on their appointment. If there's no checkmark, you know they didn't complete the prescreening and should give them a call. We'll be sending out a separate email to our customers once this is ready to go.

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Getting Ready To Re-Launch: Touchless Transactions

Continuing with the theme of cleanliness and safety for when you re-open, today we wanted to talk about methods for reducing touching of shared surfaces.

Opening doors
Doorknobs are a commonly touched area, so it would be best if you opened doors for your clients. Any chance to avoid touching a shared surface will make everyone feel more comfortable. For your restroom, place a trash can (with a foot pedal) by the door so the client can use paper towel to open the door and easily discard it. This won't eliminate the need to disinfect, but it's good practice.

Filling out forms
It has been reported that coronavirus can last on different types of paper from 3 hours to 4 days. The best solution to this problem is using online intake forms. This is how we handle it with ClinicSense. The client books their appointment, we send them their intake form, they fill it out and submit it online, then it's ready for you to view within your ClinicSense account. No pens or paper involved and totally touchless.

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Getting Ready To Re-Launch: Cleaning

While many massage therapists are starting to plan their re-launch, the #1 topic is... cleaning. We've seen lots of great advice and wanted to share it with you so you can feel confident about keeping yourself and your clients safe for when you're ready to re-open.

Below are some suggestions we have seen. What you choose to implement comes down to (1) legal requirements of your state/province and (2) your personal preferences.

Client arrival

  • Open the door for clients (they'll appreciate it, and you'll be the only one touching doorknobs)
  • Greet clients with a wave or elbow bump. Do not shake hands or hug
  • Give clients a squirt of hand sanitizer when they arrive and when they leave

Waiting area & treatment room

  • Rearrange your waiting area so seats are at least 6 feet away from each other
  • Remove candy jars, water coolers, sample products, magazines, or anything clients may be tempted to touch
  • Remove as much clutter as you can. The less items there are on tables and other surfaces, the easier it will be to clean
  • Remove any item that can't be cleaned with disinfectant (like fabric)
  • Make hand sanitizer easily accessible
  • Put up notices that summarize your cleaning practices

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ClinicSense Community Idea: Lunch & Learn

There has never been a better opportunity than now for massage therapists to get involved with employers via a lunch and learn session. What is a lunch and learn? It's when an employer brings in an educator for their employees who simultaneously eat their lunch and listen to a training or seminar. It's a way that employers provide extra value to their employees to keep them happy and motivated.

So what's the opportunity for massage therapists? Well, with a HUGE increase in the number of people working from home, many employers will be looking for new ways to support their employees. These employees are now facing new challenges: staying in good physical and mental shape when being confined to their homes. Massage therapists would make excellent lunch-and-learn trainers right now; stepping in to recommend self-care exercises that employees can make part of their daily routine. Employers understand that a small investment in your seminar could pay-off for them in spades if it means a healthier and happier work force.

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Financial Resources For Canadian Massage Therapists

If you are a business owner, there are several resources available to you from the government. There’s a ton of information out there, so we’ve tried to simplify it for you with the main bullet points below:

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

  • What it is: The government will pay 75% of your wages for up to 12 weeks, retroactive to March 15, 2020.
  • Do you qualify? If your revenue in March 2020 is at least 30% less than your revenue in March 2019, you qualify. You must re-qualify for April and May by doing the same comparison of 2019 revenue vs. 2020 revenue for each month.
  • Is there a limit? Yes, the salary limit is $58,700. So that means the maximum payment will be $847 per week per employee. The government has requested that you pay the additional 25% if it within your means.
  • How to apply: Apply through the Canada Revenue Agency’s My Business Account portal.
  • What you need to document: Keep records demonstrating your reduction in revenues and remuneration paid to employees. More details about the application process will be made available shortly.
  • More info from the Government of Canada

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