How to know if your massage business is losing customers to Massage Envy

Finding out that a Massage Envy location has opened in your neighborhood can be a little scary.  Massage Envy franchises benefit from the brand name recognition and marketing power of the US’s largest massage therapy franchise. With that kind of support, a nearby Massage Envy location has the potential to siphon away some of your business. But how do you find out if any of your customers have made the switch to Massage Envy?


That requires investigation. 


Start by looking at your before and after performance numbers. Here’s how.  


  1. Determine your total number of clients and rate of growth. Look through your records. Have your client numbers been increasing or decreasing from year to year and month to month? In other words, are you trending up or down?

    See if you can spot a pattern related to Massage Envy’s arrival. Did your growth take an unusual downward turn after a Massage Envy franchise opened nearby? How many individual clients did you have before Massage Envy came to town and how many you have now?

  2. Look at your customer retention ratesNext, dig a little deeper to find out if you are losing loyal customers to this franchise competitor by examining your customer churn rates. If you lose 10 existing customers each month, but they are...

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How SOAP Notes Can Win You More Business

Does your massage therapy practice’s growth strategy hinge on gaining new customers? If so, you might be missing out on the opportunity to win more business without increasing your marketing budget. Instead of spending money on client acquisition, consider using the resources you already have at your fingertips, including your SOAP notes, to boost client retention and bookings. How can SOAP notes win you more business? 


I’ll explain in this article. 


The following metrics can help you track your massage therapy practice’s performance:

  • Your customer acquisition cost (CAC)--The amount you spend on marketing to gain each new client
  • Your client retention rate--How many new clients become repeat clients
  • Your average client lifetime value (CLTV)--How much revenue each client you acquire will bring you over the lifetime of your business relationship
  • Your client satisfaction rate--How pleased your clients are with you and the services you provide
  • Your referral rate--How many of your clients are or are willing to refer your massage practices to a friend, family member or acquaintance

Why focus on client retention and repeat bookings? 

For most businesses, it costs less to keep an existing client happy and returning than it does to acquire a new client. You can determine your business’s potential marketing savings by comparing your customer acquisition costs to the cost of retaining an existing customer, such as loyalty programs. Also, the higher your client retention rates and customer lifetime value are, the greater...


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How to reduce your cancelation and no-show rates when asking nicely hasn’t worked

You created a cancelation policy for your massage therapy practice. You send regular appointment reminders to your clients. Maybe, you even reward your clients who show up to their appointments on time. But still, you have some clients who either wait until the last minute to cancel their appointments or don’t show up at all.


What else you can do to prevent cancellations and no-shows from blowing holes in your schedule and messing up your business’s fill rates?


Try asking your clients to provide a credit card number when they book their appointments. Some of the massage therapists who use the ClinicSense app say that this simple step has reduced their short-notice cancelation and no-show rates to almost zero. 

Can asking for a credit card number really reduce your no-show and cancellation rates?  

For some massage therapists, requesting that clients provide a credit card number when booking their appointments may seem like a step too far. What if your clients object to sharing their billing information in advance? But, if you think about it, lots of businesses from hotels to theaters ask consumers to provide a credit card number when making a reservation. Some businesses even require their customers to pay for services in full before they have their appointment. Why? 


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Relaxation SOAP Note Template For Massage Therapists

Even if you're not quite ready for clinic management software, we can help! We've put together a printable SOAP note template that you can use for clients that are visiting for relaxation purposes. This may be used as a replacement for, or in addition to the more detailed SOAP note for pain.

Of course, successful massage therapists find that running their business via pen and paper is simply not scalable. As they get more clients and book more appointments, the paperwork starts to pile up, becoming difficult to keep organized and even taking up too much physical space in cabinets. Once you switch to clinic management software you'll find:

  1. You spend less time managing paperwork
  2. You spend more time caring for clients
  3. You feel the relief of being more organized

If you are ready to see how clinic management software can make your life easier, you can click here to try ClinicSense for free.

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How to Write Effective Massage Therapy SOAP Notes

Do you record SOAP Notes for each of your clients’ treatment sessions? SOAP Notes are a way for massage therapists and other healthcare providers to map where a client has been and where they are going. The unique SOAP format (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan)  of these reports helps you keep track of your client’s condition and progress through each treatment session. 


SOAP Notes can be time-consuming to complete. But don’t underestimate the importance of this record-keeping method. Well-written, detailed SOAP Notes enable you and your staff to quickly memorialize and communicate essential information about a person’s current health status and their ongoing treatment plan. 


When recorded properly and consistently, these notes can become your guide to providing each of your clients with personalized, effective treatment. SOAP Notes can also be used to support medical billing or legal claims by providing evidence of the services you have provided to a client. Plus, because the SOAP format is recognized across medical disciplines, SOAP Notes are an important tool for communicating with other members of your client’s healthcare team.  


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Upgrade Your Online Presence to Beat Massage Envy

If you’ve been avoiding updating your massage therapy website or incorporating technological solutions into your workflow, then you may be losing clients to brands like Massage Envy. Massage Envy leverages its online presence to promote its local franchises. Plus, it uses online technology to streamline client processes such as booking an appointment or recording SOAP notes.

Massage Envy’s use of technology enables it to provide its clients with services that are consistent and affordable. But you can use that same technology to give clients something better. 


Beat Massage Envy by using technology to reduce the time you spend on marketing activities and paperwork, then spend that time creating an extraordinary client experience instead.

How can you upgrade your tech to take on Massage Envy? Start with these tips for upgrading your online presence.

Build client confidence with a professional-looking, up-to-date and informative website

Your potential massage therapy clients aren’t waiting for you to reach out to them, they are going online to find you. In 2019, 70% of consumers searched for a local business online at least once a month. The majority of healthcare consumers now start their search for a provider online, as well. 



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Building Customer Loyalty By Delivering What Today’s Massage Therapy Consumer Wants

As more people recognize the benefits of massage therapy for the treatment of physical conditions and overall wellness, its popularity grows. But as more people give massage therapy a try, what can you do to keep them coming back to your massage therapy business instead of trying out your competitors? 


Earn your massage therapy clients’ loyalty by exceeding their expectations at every touchpoint. 


Today’s massage therapy clients are healthcare consumers. They expect to have the same high-quality, customer-centric experience when receiving a massage as they do when shopping at their favorite store or dining at their favorite restaurant. You can become a customer favorite by being better than the competition at delivering an experience that is professional, personalized, and prioritizes your clients’ needs.

Earn customers’ loyalty with a next-level customer service 

Treating your clients with professionalism and skill is the foundation of your business success. So, to take their experience over the top, you just need to up your customer service. According to a 2020 report examining customer experience trends in healthcare, customer service ranks second only to...


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1 Secret to Overcoming Last-Minute Cancellations

Do the profit margins for your massage therapy business accurately reflect your investment of time and effort? You need to make the most of every resource if you want to reap the full reward for your work. This means using your treatment rooms as much as possible and not wasting your or your providers’ available hours. 


In other words, to maximize profits you should maximize your appointment utilization, making sure that you have a client booked for every available appointment slot. 

Your fill rates tell the story of how well you are using your resources

At first glance, achieving maximum appointment utilization may appear to be something you can manage with effective marketing. If you combine the right service, price and promotions, clients will book appointments and you’ll be kept busy. However, making an appointment is not the same as keeping an appointment. This is why watching your fill rates is just as important. 


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Keep Your Clients On Track With Timely Appointment Reminders

Do all of your massage therapy clients show up for the scheduled appointments or do some of them leave you hanging? Don’t let no-shows turn your fully filled schedule into a series of missed opportunities. Use appointment reminders to prevent no-shows and keep your schedule full.


A well-executed reminder program will help your clients remember to keep their appointments and gives you time to book someone else if they choose to cancel. 


By reducing or eliminating no-shows at your massage therapy business, you’ll..

  • Increase your revenue
  • Improve your appointment utilization
  • Maximize your and your staff’s productivity
  • Keep your clients’ treatment plans on track

Take back control of your schedule and reduce no-shows with a dedicated, easy-to-use reminder program ClinicSense’s automated email and text reminders. Skip the no-shows and watch your business grow.

Use the following tips to manage your appointment reminders and take better care of your clients and...


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Outshine Massage Envy

If a Massage Envy franchise has moved into your neighborhood, you might be feeling some competitive pressure. After all, Massage Envy franchisees have the guidance of a national brand to help them attract new massage therapy customers. But don’t be intimidated. Most of the strategies that Massage Envy uses aren’t top secret. You can learn these strategies and use them for your business too. 


For example, most franchisors like Massage Envy have specific standards for the appearance and maintenance of each franchised location. That’s because they know that customers like to know what to expect before they arrive at a business. They also know that how a business looks influences people’s overall impression of its quality. 

Appearances matter

Imagine if you were choosing between two restaurants that both served similar food. Outside the entrance to one of the restaurants, you notice an empty drink cup and a food wrapper discarded on the ground. The windows of the restaurant are covered with posters advertising various specials so you can’t see inside. The other restaurant’s entryway is tidy and looking through its windows, you can see that the interior is neat as well. 


Which restaurant would you choose? 

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