What Is Cross-Selling & How Can You Use It?

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May 13, 2024

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Cross-selling is a sales technique where the seller tries to sell additional products or services to the client. A classic example is going to buy a hamburger and the cashier asks, “Would you like fries with that?” She is maximizing the revenue from that one customer by offering an additional product that pairs nicely with the requested product. Since there are only so many hours in the day, and since your hands can only take so much work, cross-selling is a way to ensure long term success.


So how can you cross-sell? Well, one way involves selling an additional service. For example, if the client has booked an appointment for treatment on pain in their lower back, you can cross-sell by offering an additional 15 minutes of work on their feet. This is especially great if you don’t have an appointment booked after the client’s treatment – you earn an extra $15 or so with almost no added cost.


Another option is selling retail products. As the client is checking out, you can offer them lotions, oils, or other products that are relevant to massage and self-care. You’ll of course want any items that you are pitching to be complimentary to their treatment. “Sales” is often considered a 4-letter word among massage therapists – so keep in mind that you aren’t doing high-pressure sales, you are simply offering options to enhance the client’s care – a quality of a great massage therapist.


With cross-selling, it’s important to go with what feels right to you. While your end goal is to maximize revenue, the best way to do that is presenting the right offer at the right time. If a client tells you they are off to pick up the kids after their treatment, it’s probably not the right time to offer an additional 15 minutes. Being in tune with your clients, and offering them additional services or products to enhance their lives can be what really sets you apart.

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