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How you can attract Massage Envy customers

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March 26, 2023


In some markets, Massage Envy has become a major source of competition for independent massage therapy practices. Like an invasive species, its franchised locations spring up in an area and then begin to spread. Can your business hold its ground and prevent Massage Envy from stealing your customers? Yes. You can. With some strategic marketing strategies, you can even turn the tables and take customers away from Massage Envy! Here’s how. 

Do a little competitive research to discover Massage Envy’s weaknesses

Massage Envy offers a one-size-fits-most model for selling massage treatments, leaving plenty of room for businesses that offer a more personalized experience to stand out. Start by doing some research to find out what local customers are saying about Massage Envy’s weaknesses. Check out the online reviews for nearby Massage Envy locations. You can find customer reviews on each location’s Google My Business listing, Facebook page, and on Yelp. 


Find out what customers don’t like about their Massage Envy experience and what treatments they wish the brand offered.


Look for other sources of information, too. Often, people will share their experiences in online forums or via social media posts. Local and regional blogs and news outlets may also publish articles about the brand. Use keyword searches to look for recent mentions of Massage Envy online. 


Next, use this information to turn Massage Envy clients into yours. 

Create targeted ad campaigns that highlight your strengths 

Now that you know where Massage Envy falls short, use this information in ad campaigns that reach Massage Envy’s customers and prospective customers. 




Create a Google Adwords campaign using keywords that will reach people who are searching for “Massage Envy” in your city. Launching an Adwords campaign isn’t free. But, it is a sound investment in your business. 


You offer a premium service, help Massage Envy customers discover this. Set aside some funds each week to spend on your campaign and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you see the returns grow. 


Use the words and phrases that you saw mentioned in Massage Envy’s reviews as the keywords for your campaign. These are the search terms they are likely using when they go online to look for a massage therapist. 


Once you’ve set up your keyword targets for the campaign, create ad copy that highlights what you do better than your competition. If Massage Envy customers complain about their provider’s lack of experience, emphasize your experience in your ad copy and on your website. If the reviews mention the impersonal atmosphere, your ad and your website should emphasize the personalized service and attention you offer. 


Focus your message and show that you are part of the community and your roots run deep by including a reference to your city or neighborhood in your copy. This type of hyper-local content helps you reach customers looking for “near me” services--and may be ready to book right away. Point prospects to your online booking page and capture the moment. 

Build a comprehensive strategy designed to weed out the competition

Massage Envy’s appeal may be broad, but their services are limited. You can survive and even benefit from their entry into your market. Let Massage Envy spend its ad budget on generating interest in massage treatments, then step in and show customers what a premium alternative looks like. 


Want to discover more strategies your massage therapy business can use to beat Massage Envy? Download our free ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Beating Massage Envy. In it, we break down the steps you can take to ensure that your business continues to flourish even if Massage Envy has moved into your neighborhood.  

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