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May 25, 2023

outshine massage envy

If a Massage Envy franchise has moved into your neighborhood, you might be feeling some competitive pressure. After all, Massage Envy franchisees have the guidance of a national brand to help them attract new massage therapy customers. But don’t be intimidated. Most of the strategies that Massage Envy uses aren’t top secret. You can learn these strategies and use them for your business too. 


For example, most franchisors like Massage Envy have specific standards for the appearance and maintenance of each franchised location. That’s because they know that customers like to know what to expect before they arrive at a business. They also know that how a business looks influences people’s overall impression of its quality. 

Appearances matter

Imagine if you were choosing between two restaurants that both served similar food. Outside the entrance to one of the restaurants, you notice an empty drink cup and a food wrapper discarded on the ground. The windows of the restaurant are covered with posters advertising various specials so you can’t see inside. The other restaurant’s entryway is tidy and looking through its windows, you can see that the interior is neat as well. 


Which restaurant would you choose? 


You won’t get a chance to impress people with your great service if they never walk through your door. 

Appearances matter outside, inside and online

Your clients care about how your business looks on the inside as well. A dark or dingy interior won’t compare favorably with Massage Envy’s crisp, well-lit look. If you want to beat the competition, you need to make sure your business looks good from every angle. 


Making sure your massage therapy business looks attractive and well-maintained can also help you win clients who are searching for locations online. Online searchers want to see more than just words on your website. Posting images of your location on your website and Google My Business Listing provides your customers with a better, more engaging search experience.  


Do a quick online search for massage therapy practices in your area and check out their related images. Look closely at how Massage Envy presents itself visually online. How does your business compare? 

Keep up appearances to keep your clients away from the competition

So, how can you keep your location looking sharp? Create your own appearance standards and follow a regular maintenance routine so that you’re showing every customer your best side. 


Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  1. Make sure your parking lot and common areas are well-maintained. Remove weeds, throw away trash and check for broken lights. If you lease your space, alert your landlord right away if you notice a problem. 
  2. Give your business sign plenty of TLC. It is an important symbol of your business. Keep it updated, in good repair, and well lit.
  3. Don’t cover your exterior windows with posters or painted ads. Leave the view open so prospective customers can see inside your location.
  4. Regularly clean and declutter your waiting room and any areas that can be viewed by clients, such as your reception or office spaces. Don’t let messes pile up in work or break areas even if clients can only see them in passing. 
  5. Once you’ve chosen a style for your common areas and treatment rooms, get rid of any paintings or other items that don’t complement that aesthetic. Your clients will feel more relaxed if your decor doesn’t clash.
  6. Don’t make excuses or ignore signs of disrepair or wear. Every few weeks, take a moment to look at your space with a critical eye. Ask yourself what you would think of your business’s appearance if you were a prospective client.

With a little attention to detail, you can set yourself apart from the competition no matter how big they are. 

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