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Getting Ready To Re-Launch: Touchless Transactions

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March 25, 2024

touchless transactions

Continuing with the theme of cleanliness and safety for when you re-open, today we wanted to talk about methods for reducing touching of shared surfaces.



Opening doors

Doorknobs are a commonly touched area, so it would be best if you opened doors for your clients. Any chance to avoid touching a shared surface will make everyone feel more comfortable. For your restroom, place a trash can (with a foot pedal) by the door so the client can use a paper towel to open the door and easily discard it. This won't eliminate the need to disinfect, but it's good practice.


Filling out forms

It has been reported that coronavirus can last on different types of paper from 3 hours to 4 days. The best solution to this problem is using online intake forms. This is how we handle it with ClinicSense. The client books their appointment, we send them their intake form, they fill it out and submit it online, and then it's ready for you to view within your ClinicSense account. No pens or paper are involved and totally touchless.


Taking payment

Your payment terminal is a germ magnet. Clients will feel more comfortable in your space if you implement a process for taking payment that does not involve them touching your payment terminal. At a basic level, this could mean using email or app-based money transfers or a PayPal button on your website.


If you're looking for a seamless process, ClinicSense allows you to request payment at the time the client books online. They'll choose their service, date, and time, and enter their credit card number in order to reserve their time slot. You can choose to have them pay in full, pay a deposit, or just enter their credit card number (which you can charge later with the click of a button).


Get rid of things people will be tempted to touch

This means things like magazines, candy jars, water coolers, and sample products. You can still offer them anything that can be disinfected after they touch it, just don't leave it out (so more full-service, less self-service).


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