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9 Massage Therapy Promotional Ideas For the Holiday Season

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November 21, 2023

promotional ideas for massage holidays

It’s time to start brainstorming massage therapy promotional ideas. The holidays are just around the corner. Are you ready? Shoppers are already looking for gifts for their favorite people. Now’s your chance to convince them that a massage is the perfect gift for anyone. We put together this list of ideas to help you promote massage as the go-to gift this season. Honestly, how much convincing does one really need?

How To Double Your Massage Business Revenue During The Holidays

Take advantage of the stressful gift giving season. Massage businesses can double their holiday revenue by emphasizing gift certificates, an ideal present for relaxation. Additionally, promoting massages as a stress-reliever during this hectic season can attract clients seeking a peaceful respite, significantly boosting sales.

If you created a massage therapy business plan at the beginning of the year, it probably included an annual sales goal. If you’re a little behind (or if you want to knock it out of the park), a holiday sales drive is the way to do it.

People spend a ton of money this time of year. All that spending is in the pursuit of giving their favorite people something they’ll appreciate. Raise your hand if you have something their friends and family want. Promoting massage therapy as a crowd pleaser is a no-brainer. 

Your clients love to get massages, and many people on their shopping list love massage too. (Seriously, who doesn’t?)  It’s your job to give them the idea. Promoting massage therapy as the best gift idea ever isn’t that hard.

massage holiday special ideas

Why Creating Special Promotions During The Holidays Is Good For Business

Holiday specials are a way to show gratitude to your clients by offering them a treat or a discount on services.

New Clients: Promoting a good deal on gift certificates can incentivize clients to refer friends and family by purchasing massage as a gift for them.

Expand Your Network: If you’re advertising your massage business and promoting a special on holiday gift certificates, people you don’t know yet will buy them.

Increasing Sales: Promotional sales drives and bring in a lot of revenue, often getting paid in advance. Plus, all those new clients mean more future sales are in store in the new year.

Analytics: The holiday season is an excellent time to try to new marketing strategies. With so many people buying, you can get a realistic picture of what marketing strategies work best for your business.

What Makes Massage Such A Great Gift?

Massage makes an excellent gift as it offers a transformative experience, enhancing well-being and providing relaxation. It's not just a present, but a meaningful gesture that can make a significant difference in someone's life, offering respite and rejuvenation in today's fast-paced world.

You already know all the things that make massage therapy good for mind, body and spirit. However, when you put on your massage marketing hat, you might draw a blank. Here are a few reminders of why massage makes a great gift.

Stress relief: It’s been a stressful year. Buying someone a massage is a way to lighten the weight of the world, if only for an hour.

Relaxation: Everyone has someone in their lives who works too hard. Gifting them a massage is like giving them a break.

Health benefits: Most people love a good massage, but some people really need a massage. Buying that person a gift certificate can make a big difference.

Special treat: Massage has so many therapeutic benefits that just about anyone can benefit from it. That means it’s a great gift for people who are hard to shop for or you don’t know that well.

5 massage holiday special ideas

9 Massage Therapy Promotional Ideas For The Holiday Season

Mix and match any of these massage therapy promotional ideas to ramp up sales this holiday season.

  1. Black Friday Sale
  2. Cyber Monday Specials
  3. Spa Day Promotions
  4. Raffle Off a Free Service
  5. Make a Charitable Donation
  6. BOGO
  7. Countdown Sale
  8. Special Treatment Packages
  9. Special Holiday Referral Campaigns 

You can create all these massage therapy promotions with ClinicSense by creating promo codes, special treatment packages, and selling gift certificates. You can use ClinicSense to promote these specials via email marketing campaign, as well as automate the entire sales process.

Black Friday Massage Gift Card Sale

This is the first MAJOR holiday shopping day of the year. After a day of thanks, holiday shoppers hit the ground running on Black Friday to take advantage of the best deals of the season.

If you want to skyrocket sales, join the ClinicSense Gift Card Challenge, with done-for-you marketing campaigns and 10 minute daily missions. We guarantee you’ll increase gift card sales. It’s free to join, but the deadline for registration is November 17. If you missed that deadline, join the ClinicSense Community Hub to be a part of the community’s wins.

Cyber Monday Massage Therapy Specials

Create a one day sale to create a sense of urgency. Use ClinicSense to send an email newsletter to your clients promoting this sale and post it all over social media. Sales like this are easy to automate so you can schedule now, and watch the sales roll in that day. 

Create an email campaign promoting massage therapy as the ultimate gift idea this holiday season and include a special promo code. This special gift is just a click away. Link it to your online gift certificate page so shoppers can buy immediately. Offer a special discount for one day only.

Create Spa Packages

The holidays are all about spending quality time with the people we care about. Why not relax at the spa together getting massages, facials, or whatever services you provide in your practice. Create a treatment package on ClinicSense that includes a bundle of services at a discounted rate.

Promote your massage practice
 as a way to connect and have quality one-on-one time with their favorite person. This idea requires having either multiple therapists and/or multiple services for clients and their guests to indulge in simultaneously.

Raffle Off A Free Massage Service Or Add-On

Inspire people to buy more gift certificates by offering a chance to win something free. Think of this as the massage lottery. Use online gift certificates to make buying easy and tracking purchases automatically.

Pick a prize. Then give shoppers the opportunity to win, by making each gift certificate purchase an entry into the lottery. Draw a name on Christmas Eve, and call it a Christmas gift for the lucky winner. (You don’t have to celebrate Christmas to win!)

Make A Charitable Donation

Ramp of sales by giving back. Sure, we should be charitable all year -- But more people are looking for ways to do good around the holidays. You can help them, and do a good deed at the same time.

Consider donating a small portion of your sales (or your tips) to a good cause. Make clients aware of your intentions by sharing the details in an email newsletter, on social media, and by posting a sign at the checkout countert. Use ClinicSense reporting features to track sales during the donation period, and share the numbers with your clients to generate enthusiasm and momentum. Sometimes you have to give in order to get.


What’s the best way to get people to buy more than they planned? Give them a good deal if they buy more!

Your clients have more than one person on their shopping list who could use a massage. They could buy them all a massage with a BOGO deal. You can set up your Buy 1 Get 1 sale however you like. Just use ClinicSense to create a promo code that can be redeemed when they checkout.

BOGO Massage Therapy Promotional Ideas: 

  • Buy 1 Massage, Get 1 Half Price 
  • Buy 4, Get 1 Free

Massage Gift Card Countdown Sale 

A good sale creates a sense of urgency. A ticking clock gets people to act fast. It reminds them they’re running out of time. Give this sale a theme like “the 12 days of Christmas,” “8 nights of Hanukkah” or “the new year countdown”. 

All you have to do is create an offer. Then set a date for that offer to expire. Create a promo code in ClinicSense, so clients can redeem it online or in-house. Then use all your massage marketing strategies to get the word out about this limited time offer. Keep reminding people until the deal is done.

Special Treatment Packages

Create a special package for the holidays as a way to add more value to your offerings. What’s better than buying someone a single massage as a gift? Giving them a whole package of massage services. Someone’s going to be excited to receive that!

It’s easy to create treatment packages on ClinicSense. Give your packages a holiday theme or an indulgent name that suggests the benefits of the package. Let it be a way for new and returning clients to enjoy more of your services at a discounted rate. This strategy will pay off in the end.

Special Holiday Referral Campaign

Create a referral program for the holiday season that rewards those who refer a friend in the month of December (or whatever timeline you like). Give them a discount on their next service to thank them for their support.

Set up automated referral request campaigns with ClinicSense to spread the word. Include it in your email newsletter and social media posts as well. Fill your promotional messaging with words of gratitude, thanking customers for supporting you. Make your referral reward a gift of the season.

Don’t Forget To Give Yourself A Gift This Year Too.

For many massage therapists, the end of the year is the busiest time of year. Clients are trying to squeeze in appointments with limited availability. End of year admin work needs to be completed. Launching holiday sale promotions takes time too. Not to mention, everything going on in your personal life.

Automate as many of your sales promotions as possible. So you can sit back and relax (or get a massage yourself).  Make time to enjoy the holiday season and be grateful for your many successes this year - however big or small.

When you hit that sales goal or sell a massage gift card, celebrate it. You deserve it.

How Can ClinicSense Help You Achieve Your Holiday Goals?

ClinicSense makes it easy to automate and promote your holiday sale drives, online gift cards, and more. You can literally make money in your sleep. They’ve drawn on the success of many massage therapists to create the features you need to succeed this season.

Use These ClinicSense Features To Increase Your Sales During The Holidays

  • Online Gift Certificates
  • Online Booking
  • Email Newsletters
  • Promo Codes
  • Automated Referral Request Campaigns
  • ClinicSense Gift Card Challenge (with done-for-you marketing)

Join the ClinicSense Community Hub to learn and connect with other massage therapists and get the scoop on the latest features and challenges. If you’re not a ClinicSense customer yet, start a free trial to get access to the features you need to succeed this season.

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