How ClinicSense Treatment Packages Help Grow Your Business

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November 27, 2023

Treatment packages are a great way to grow your health & wellness business. If you're unsure how to create, track, or sell packages in your business, ClinicSense makes it easy. In this article, you learn how to use ClinicSense to create and track packages - and get tips on how to sell packages to increase revenue and build customer loyalty.

What Are Treatment Packages?

Treatment packages are a bundle of services sold for a single fee. Packages can be redeemed over time or all at once, depending on the contents. Individual services are slightly discounted when purchased as a package - which incentivizes clients to pay for future sessions in advance.

What Are The 5 Key Benefits Of Offering Treatment Packages?

Treatment packages are beneficial to both your business and your clients. They allow you to get paid upfront for your services, providing better financial security - but they also make it easier for clients to commit to a treatment plan. When clients commit to treatment plans, they end up with better therapeutic results - the ultimate goal as a practitioner.

Treatment packages can also help you create a more balanced and consistent schedule, help you retain new clients, allow you to reward your customers for purchasing bundles - and more. Here are some of the top key benefits you'll find when offering treatment packages:

1 - Increased Customer Loyalty

If you already have “regulars,” treatment packages can be a reward for their loyalty. Don’t be surprised if, after they purchase a package, they become a little more regular than before.

2 - Gaining New Client Retention

 Treatment packages are also a good way to get new customers to commit to returning. Creating introductory packages can allow new clients to sample your services at a discounted rate. By the time they’ve used their package, they’ll be sold on your business.

3 - More Predictable Revenue

Most wellness providers will tell you that when people pay upfront, they come in more often. Even though the packages are discounted, you end up making more in the long run. Plus, you can worry less about your bottom line or month-to-month costs when you collect payments in advance.

4 - Convenience For Clients

Everyone loves that feeling of not having to pay after your relaxing service (very VIP) ,and with treatment packages, the checkout process is streamlined since packages are paid for in advance! So after their relaxing session they can mosey on out the door, with that post-massage bliss intact.

5 - Happier, Healthier Clients

You went into this business with the goal of helping people improve their mental and physical wellbeing - but the key to these results is a commitment to consistency on the client's end. Treatment packages are the best way to ensure your clients make that commitment - serving them in the long run, but the happy side effect of that is that their happiness also reflects well on your business!

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What Are Some Ideas For Treatment Packages?

You can create any type of treatment package that you like - a great place to start would be to consider who your target audience is and what they might like. In the video below, we interview Holly Postava, a ClinicSense customer who has created custom treatment packages to serve her corporate wellness clients, husband and wife duos, and more!   

Watch the short video to learn about the packages she has created and why she recommends anyone who runs a wellness business use treatment packages to improve their business.

5 Tips For Using Treatment Packages To Succeed In Business

As we mentioned above - selling treatment packages can help you provide better care, increase your sales, and build customer loyalty in many different ways, but that's just the beginning.  Whatever package you decide to sell should reflect on the type of business you are choosing to operate - and what your goal is in the end. We have created 5 foundations for using treatment packages that can help - from there, you should let your creativity shine.

1. Sell a Series of Sessions

If you want to promote regular visits, be it weekly or monthly, sell a series of 5 or more sessions at a discounted rate to encourage consistency.

2. Create An Introductory Package

That first appointment is an opportunity you never get again. Offer new clients a special package at an introductory rate.

3. Bundle Different Service Together

Get clients to take you up on add-on services by creating spa packages that include several services. Promote it as a birthday or holiday gift, or just a little me-time.

4. Give It A Theme 

Create treatment packages that are designed to help clients reach particular goals like decreasing anxiety, recovering from an injury, or training for a marathon. Align the package with your recommended treatment plan.

5. Sell Maintenance Packages

Often, clients come to you for help with a specific issue. After that’s been addressed, use a maintenance package to inspire them to be proactive about prevention.

Treatment Packages Ideas

How To Sell Treatment Packages To Your Customers

The best way to sell treatment packages is to design them as a solution to your customer's problems. Listen to what they tell you about their struggles. Then, use packages as a plan to overcome those challenges. Suggest your treatment package when a client mentions the issue. Here are some examples: 

If a client wants more of what you do: 

“I always feel so good after a massage. I need to do this more regularly”  - that’s your cue to say, 

“Oh, you should consider our Wellness Package to help you stick to your goal. Plus, you’ll save a little money that way.”

If a client is dealing with a pervasive problem:

 “My shoulders are always soar from work, like always”  - that’s your cue to say, 

“We should get you set up with a treatment package so we can work on resolving that pain - if we stay consistent, I can truly help you feel better.”

If a client wants to share how great you are:

“I wish my employees would get a massage - I always feel so relaxed after!"  - you could say: 

“Massage is so good for employee wellness - it reduces stress and burnout! Great news, I'm offering a corporate wellness package we could set your team. up with!”

The best way to sell treatment packages is to understand that they do genuinely benefit your clients - and to feel like you are simply sharing those benefits with them (and you are!). Approaching your business with that energy will bring all health, wealth, and happiness.

It’s also a good idea to promote your treatment packages via email marketing campaigns and social media posts. That way, clients know what’s available to them, even if it doesn't come up in person.

How Do ClinicSense Treatment Packages Work?

With ClinicSense, you can create, sell, and track treatment packages. All you have to do is create a name for your package, select the services that are included, and set a price. Sell them from your ClinicSense dashboard. Purchased packages will show up as a payment option on invoices, and use is tracked automatically.

The new treatment package feature is an option that anyone on the Standard or Premium plans can use to encourage their clients to commit to their treatment plans, offer bundles at a discount, or offer the ability for one person to pay for a group of people (wellness packages for business) Here's how they work: 

How To Create Treatment Packages With ClinicSense

  1. Go to the [sell] tab and click on [treatment packages].
  2. Select [create new package].
  3. Create a name for your package.
  4. Select which services and the quantity to include.
  5. Set a price for services.
  6. Click save.

How To Sell Treatment Packages On ClinicSense

  1. Go to the [sales] tab.
  2. Add a client name.
  3. Select the package you want to sell.
  4. Click [add payment] and select a payment method.
  5. Print or email a receipt.

How To Redeem Treatment Packages On ClinicSense

  1. Go to your schedule.
  2. Click on the client’s appointment.
  3. Click on [invoice].
  4. Toggle On the section that says “Apply Treatment Package” 
  5. Click Save

*If a treatment package is purchased before the appointment was booked, ClinicSense will automatically apply the treatment package to qualifying services. 

Also, clients can use their package to pay for someone else’s session (if you allow that). Just add the package as a payment method to their invoice. This works well for family packages and clients who want to gift a friend a massage. Getting that referral is another opportunity to sell a new package.

Want to see how treatment packages can benefit your wellness business?  You can try ClinicSense free for 14 days! 

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