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Follow-up with your massage clients to get them to rebook

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March 26, 2023


You’ve probably had someone tell you that to grow your business, you simply need to earn more and spend less. Attaining real success is a little more complicated, though. How exactly do you earn more money and spend less so that your business can grow?


In this article, we’ll discuss a real method that works--gaining rebookings from your clients. 


Booking repeat customers reduces your administrative costs and increases your revenue per customer. Of course, rebookings also keep your schedule full so that your business keeps earning. 


The best time to acquire a rebooking is right after a successful treatment session. But that doesn’t always happen. Maybe your client was in a hurry to leave or wasn’t sure when they’d be able to come back for another session. Even if it doesn’t happen at checkout, rebooking your existing clients is still a simple and cost-effective way to build your business. 


All you have to do is re-engage their attention and then ask them again. How? Personally follow-up with your clients who don’t rebook after their appointment. Call, text or email your clients and ask them how they are doing. 

Follow-up with your clients to re-engage and rebook

When you reach out to clients who haven’t rebooked, your goal should be to open the door to renew your business relationship. Open a dialog that allows your clients to ask questions or discuss their concerns. Then, let your client’s responses lead the conversation. 


Did the session provide them with the results they expected? 


Do they have any questions about how to maintain their results between appointments? 


If you discussed a treatment plan or a self-care/wellness plan during your session, your follow-up is a good time to discuss their next step and invite them to book the next appointment. 


When contacting a client you haven’t seen for several months, keep the conversation less specific. Ask them how they are doing and whether there is something you can do to help them meet their current wellness goals. Tell them that you appreciate their business and miss seeing them. You might also tell them about any special offers or changes in your services that might pique their interest. 

Personal follow-ups are good for your clients and your business

Post-appointment follow-ups have several benefits for you and your clients beyond providing you with an opportunity to ask for a rebooking. First, it gives your clients a chance to ask questions or raise concerns that they may not have thought of or felt comfortable mentioning during your session. It may also give them the nudge they need to continue looking after their own well-being. 


Second, consumers favor businesses that treat them as individuals. They want one-to-one, personalized experiences to counterbalance an increasingly automated and impersonal world.  Outside-the-treatment-room exchanges demonstrate your genuine interest and investment in your clients’ health. 


Finally, it gives you an opportunity to receive direct feedback from your clients. You may learn that a client stopped booking due to a service or other issue that you can fix! 


Taking the time to personally follow-up with your clients is just one of the ways that you can build a loyal customer base that will support your massage business as it grows. To discover more ways to increase your booking and keep your CAC low, check our free ebook, The Loyal Customer Generator. Spend less, keep more and watch your business grow. 

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