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How To Get More Patients In Your Clinic: 10 Easy Strategies

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May 13, 2024

strategies on how to get more patients in your clinic

Owners of health, wellness, and multi-disciplinary practices often need help with how to get more patients. Preventive and complementary therapies inspire good intentions but not a sense of urgency. With only a slow trickle of new patients, growth is slow, and profits are low. 

In this article, you’ll discover 10 ways to grow your practice quickly.

How To Get More Patients In Your Clinic

You can get more patients in your clinic by making your practice more visible and accessible. Connecting with healthcare providers in your community, boosting your visibility online, and making patient scheduling easy are key to growing your practice. You can automate many of these processes. In this article we are going to cover some of the top ways to get more patients through your doors! 

We'll Cover: The Following 10 Ways To Get More Clinic Patients:

  1. Make it easy to book online
  2. Invest in advertising for your clinic
  3. Get more reviews online
  4. Request referrals from existing patients
  5. Improve your online presence
  6. Get patients to rebook
  7. Build a referral network
  8. Educate your community
  9. Give back
  10. Ask for feedback

1. Make It Easy To Book Online

Allowing patients to book online is the first step towards building your practice. According to research by Zippia, 67% of patients prefer to book online, and 97% said they’d switch to a new provider if the new one offered online options.

If you don’t have online booking available on your website and social profiles, you’re missing out on a lot of business. Make scheduling software one of the first things you invest in to grow your practice. ClinicSense can streamline patient scheduling. Plus, it’s affordable and easy to use.

2. Invest In Advertising For Your Clinic

Advertising is an obvious solution to how to get more patients. The key is to focus your advertising on the people you help and the problem you solve. Your budget may dictate how you advertise your business, but there are options for any budget. 

If you want to advertise your business online:

  1. Consider Google Ads or paid ads on social media.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of local advertising. Send a press release to the local paper if you just opened your practice.
  3. Create promotional material to hand out and display at events, in public spaces, and in the businesses of the people in your referral network.

3. Get More Clinic Reviews Online

9 of 10 consumers read reviews before buying, according to Zippia. As a health and wellness professional, people want to feel connected to you before they make an appointment. The experiences your patients share online can be your greatest assets.

Don’t expect people to leave a review without being prompted to do so. Unless it was a bad experience, they probably won’t think about it. It’s up to you to ask patients to leave a review. Use the google reviews booster to get happy patients to tell the world about you. 

4. Request Referrals From Existing Patients

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising for personal service providers. That makes your existing patients part of your marketing team. The patients you’ve helped know other people who need you, and they’re happy to give you a good word.

You need to ask your patients for referrals. You can do this in person, or you can automate it. Sending an automated referral request campaign is an easy way to get patients to share your information with others. 

clinic CTA

5. Improve Your Online Presence

When someone needs help, they often start their search for a solution online. Having a strong online presence gives you the best chance of being found. How you present your clinic online is the first impression you make. Make it shine with a professional and useful website. 

Make your website show up in local searches by implementing SEO strategies. Then, find websites to advertise your clinic and register with online directories.

Link your online booking portal with your website and social profiles. Invest time into making your business profile on social media professional and informative. Once your social profiles are set up, use them. Get on social media and engage with your community every week.

6. Get Existing Patients To Rebook

You don’t need a schedule full of new patients. You just need a full schedule. It’s easier to get existing patients to rebook than to find new ones. Schedule follow-up appointments before patients leave your clinic.

You can get patients to rebook with you by educating them, creating a positive experience, and developing an on-going treatment plan. A little incentive works too. Things like loyalty programs, package discounts, and memberships keep people coming back.

clinic referral network

7. Build A Referral Network With Other Wellness Practitioners

Network with healthcare providers and wellness practitioners in your area. Their patients could be your patients and vice versa. These are people patients trust. A recommendation for your services from another provider carries serious weight.

Here are a few ways to connect and get referrals from other providers:

  • Talk to your doctor, dentist, chiropractor, yoga instructor, or whoever takes care of you. Tell them about what you do and how you can help their patients.
  • Connect with other practitioners online on LinkedIn and build relationships and community there.
  • Hand deliver a letter of introduction to providers in your neighborhood. Make a good impression by personally handing your letter (and maybe a special treat) to their receptionist.

8. Educate Your Community

Talk about what you do whenever you have an opportunity. Not everyone understands the value of preventive and complementary therapies, but they’re curious. If you’re chatting with someone at a school event or party, and they share a problem you can help with, educate them.

Use social media to inform people of the benefits of the work you do. Acknowledge their pain and struggles. Then tie it back to your services as a solution. You don’t have to sell it, just make it your mission to make people better informed.

9. Give Back

People support businesses who donate their time or profits. Data from Score, says that 85% of consumers have a more positive view of businesses who make charitable contributions. People want to know their money is going towards something good.

You can donate a small portion of your sales to a good cause or volunteer at a community event. Choose something that aligns with the values of your clinic’s mission statement. Then share your mission with your patients and people in your community.

10. Ask For Feedback

Feedback is invaluable to growing your practice. It’s hard to view your clinic from an outside perspective when it’s your practice. While it might be scary to ask, it’s important to know what’s working for your patients and what’s not.

You take good care of people; so you’ll likely get loads of positive feedback. Make the things people rave about the cornerstone of your marketing. Then, use any negative feedback to make improvements. 

Use google review booster to collect feedback instead of reviews. With this tool, people are asked to rate their experience. If they give you a top rating, they’re prompted to leave a review. However, if they don’t rate you with the highest marks, they’re prompted to privately share feedback with you instead of leaving a review.

10 ways to get more patients in your clinic

How Can Practice Management Software Help Me Get More Patients?

Growing a thriving practice requires a lot of ongoing work. Managing a busy schedule, marketing your practice, educating the masses, staying in touch with your patients, and finding new ones…all of that takes time. 

ClinicSense automates many tasks for you; so you can focus on patient care. This practice management software helps you get more clients by doing the following:

  • Allow patients to book online
  • Send automated review requests
  • Collect valuable feedback from patients
  • Send automated referral requests
  • Send email marketing and win-back campaigns
  • Link your booking portal with social media

ClinicSense has many features to keep you organized, in addition to all the tools that solve the problem of getting more patients. Sign up for your free trial today!

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