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Best Massage Gift Certificate Ideas For Increasing Sales 2022

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May 25, 2023

Massage gift certificate ideas


Do you sell gift certificates in your clinic? If you don’t, you’re missing out on a ton of potential revenue. Gift certificates are easy to sell, especially to your current clients. If you need a few massage gift certificate ideas, we’ve got you covered.



How you can make A LOT more money by selling gift certificates


What if you could make more money in a single day than you ever could doing massage alone? Let’s face it, you can only give so many massages in a day before you burn out or get injured. Which means, if you want to earn more money, you need something else to sell.


The simplest solution: Sell Gift Certificates


Massage makes an excellent gift. You know this. So promote it as one by selling gift certificates. Sure, you’ll still have to work for those gift certificates later (though some will never be used). However, every one of those gift certificates is basically a referral. Alternatively, when those gift certificates are purchased for an existing client, they come in more frequently. Either way, the payoff is big.


Consider this: Say you have a client (let’s call her Susan) come in for a massage that costs $75. If you want to get Susan to spend more, you must have something else to sell her. Susan loves you, and she has money to spend. You could sell her some sort of product that you make about $10 off of, OR you could sell her a gift certificate for her best friend’s birthday. That $75 just became $150, AND you just got a new client. $$


If you haven’t already, start brainstorming massage gift certificate ideas so you can make more money this year.




What do you need to get started selling massage gift cards?

 If you haven’t started selling gift certificates yet, you need a few things to get started. The primary thing being gift certificates. You can make your own, buy them, use your credit card processing service to sell digital ones, or use software to create, sell and track them online.


There are a lot of options. Let's break down those massage gift certificate ideas. You basically need 2 things:

  • A way to make them.
  • A way to track them


Create your own:  The cheapest way to create a gift certificate is to make your own. If you need a massage gift certificate template, you can download one here. You’ll need to create a spreadsheet to track the gift certificates you sell and their remaining balances.


Buy them:  Physical gift certificates are not expensive to purchase. You can create one on VistaPrint, and have them printed. Stick them in an envelope with one of your business cards for a nice gift. Track the sale and balances of your gift certificates on a spreadsheet.


Use a service:  The easiest way is to use a service to create, sell and track your gift certificates. This allows you to sell gift certificates online and in person. In most cases, this is the best option because you don’t have to be present to make a sale. Purchases are made directly on your website. Everything happens instantly. Plus, it doesn’t cost much to do this using clinic management software like ClinicSense or through your credit card processing app.


Massage gift certificate ideas: promotions and special occasions

Now that you know how to create, sell and track gift certificates, here are some massage gift certificate ideas for advertising and promotions.


Massage gift certificate


1. Display a sign at the checkout counter.

You never know who’s trying to come up with a gift idea. Even if you’re not running a special promotion, you should at least display something letting people know gift certificates are available.


2. Quarterly promotions
You don’t need a special reason to promote gift certificates, but you should try to market them at least every quarter. Each season has something people are celebrating, and its own stressors. Tie your gift certificate promotions to the pulse of what’s going on in the world - like spring cleaning, winter blues or summer break.



3. Send an email blast
If you connect with your clients via email regularly (and if you don’t, you should) drop a line about gift certificates now and then. Creating massage email marketing campaigns is a great way to market yourself and your services. If you’re running a sale, promote it via email. If you’re not running a sale, promote the availability of gift certificates via email.


4. Create a social media contest
If you’re active on social media, engage your followers with a game. Create a series of posts around your contest. You could, for instance, ask your followers to tag a friend who needs a massage. Reward the person who refers the most people with a small gift certificate to use for themselves - or give to a friend. You can use massage marketing tools to create and automate them.


5. Create a special offer
Every now and then, it’s a good idea to create a deal people just can’t pass up. Sell a gift certificate at a special price for a particular service. This is a great way to promote a new service. Read our article 20 Best Ideas For Massage Specials to get started.


A tried and true method for selling more of anything is a Buy One Get One Sale. Your clients know more than one person who needs a massage. Create an offer that affords them the opportunity to buy more than just one gift certificate.


7. Promote health and wellness
It doesn’t need to be a holiday to promote massage as a gift. There are so many people looking for ways to take better care of themselves – and even more people who want to see them succeed. Promote massage gift certificates as a way to help a loved one achieve their goals or as a reward for doing so.


8. Valentine’s Day
There’s a lot of gift-giving going on in the month of February, thanks to this loving holiday. Massage is a most appropriate Valentine’s Day gift. Create some massage advertising ideas for this sweet holiday, and spread the word to receive a little love yourself.


9. Mother’s Day
Another big gift-giving day is Mother’s Day, and what mom doesn’t need a massage? Don’t leave this holiday off your list of massage gift certificate ideas. A massage for mom is a good gift from any child or husband.


10. Black Friday
The biggest shopping day of the year is perhaps the best time to promote massage gift certificates. Offer a little discount, and see the sales roll in.


11. Cyber Monday
What’s better than Black Friday? Cyber Monday. If you are set up to sell gift certificates online, you can make money in your sleep. Create a series of emails and social posts promoting gift certificates this holiday season. Include a link online gift certificate page, and you’re done. It doesn’t get easier than that.


12. Christmas
The holiday season isn’t over until it’s over. While the two biggest shopping days are in November, many people are scrambling for gifts up until the last minute. Keep marketing your gift certificates until the very last moment. Make it easy for people to buy, and they’ll thank you for it.


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