6 Massage Promotion Ideas to Consider For Valentine's Day

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February 5, 2024

Massage promotion ideas for valentines day


Every season has an opportunity to promote something special. Winter is for snuggling with your sweetheart and showering them with love…and gifts. Is your spa ready for Valentine’s day? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your sales this winter. Use these massage promotion ideas to sell more services this season.

Massage Promotion Ideas For Spreading Love To Everyone

These massage promotion ideas work for selling massage as a gift to anyone. People celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own way. Some reserve their gifts exclusively for their significant someone. Others shower their love on everyone, including friends and family. Massage is a great gift for anyone who makes the cut.

1. Massage Gift Certificates

Upgrade the traditional Valentine’s Day card to a gift card. A massage gift certificate is, perhaps, the most caring gift you can put in an envelope.

Take advantage of this gift-giving holiday to promote the sale of gift certificates. Don’t wait for your clients to come up with this idea on their own. Give it to them!

(If you don’t sell gift certificates yet. Now’s the time to start. Download our FREE massage gift certificate templates to get started.)

Valentine's Day Massage Gift Certificate

2. Create a special offer

If you want to fill your schedule the week of Valentine’s day, offer a special price on your services. Make this a limited time offer. For instance, only appointments booked on Valentines Day weekend qualify for this special price.

When you discount a service, don’t sell yourself short. Offer a small discount on one of your usual services. Or create a new service specifically for this promotion. 

If you typically offer 60-minute sessions for $75, your Valentine’s Day offer might be an extra 15 minutes for free. If you want to squeeze a lot of people into your schedule, offer a shorter session at a bargain price.

3. Create a Valentine’s Package

Create spa packages by partnering with other service providers. What’s better than a massage? A massage + a pedicure + a facial. When you work with other spa professionals, you can offer your clients a whole spa day.

Work by yourself? You can still create massage packages. Bundle 2 or 3 services together. Add-ons like aromatherapy and hot stone therapy are great additions.

Alternatively, you can just offer a massage, plus flowers, chocolates or some other treat to make it special.

4. Couple’s massage

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to promote couple’s massage. Couples are looking for something special to do together to celebrate.

To implement this idea you need 2 things: another massage therapist and a space big enough for 2 tables. 

Have a solo-practice? If you have a friend who works solo as well, consider working together for a weekend. Promote it as a special service event.

5. Create a sweet single’s special

Not into romance and couples? Create a Valentine’s Day for singles. Consider it a “love yourself” campaign. Create a whole package focused on self-care.

This sort of non-traditional campaign works great on social media. Create a series of social posts promoting the concept of loving yourself. Use that to promote your “single’s special”.

Get creative. This could be a solo experience or a girls day at the spa. The key is to make it fun and make it special.


A great way to sell more services to a single person is to create a Buy One Get One offer. Massage is a universal gift. It’s appropriate for lovers and mothers. So, create a little incentive to buy a massage for everyone on their gift list.

A good BOGO deal offers the first purchase at full price and the second one at a discount. For instance, Buy One Get One ½ Off.

If you don’t want to give too much away, you can give customers a small gift for themselves when they buy a gift for someone else. For example, Buy One Get A Free $25 Gift Card. The customer can use that gift card themselves towards a future session. They could also give that $25 gift card to someone as a gift.

BOGO Buy One Get One massage promotion idea

Tips For Advertising Your Promotions

Once you narrow down your massage promotion ideas to a single Valentine’s Day offer, you need a massage marketing plan. A good marketing strategy consists of sharing and making offers. The goal is to get in front of as many people as possible.

Start promoting your offer a few weeks before Valentine’s Day. Plant the seed early. That way your customers think of your offer before needing to come up with their own gift idea.


  • Advertise your Valentine’s Day offer in-house. Put up a sign at the front desk. Then mention it to clients when they check out. That’s the perfect time to make a sale.
  • Create an email marketing campaign to advertise your offer to your email list. Schedule a series of emails leading up to the final day of your sale. The key is to create a sense of urgency because “time is running out!”

  • Add a promotional banner or pop-up to your website. This works especially well if client’s visit your website to book appointments online. These visitors are already in the habit of buying from you.

  • Ask your clients to tell their friends. Really. They won’t mind. They love you and what you do.

  • Promote your services on social media. Create a series of posts about Valentine’s Day. The key to social media is creating fun content, while also promoting yourself as a massage therapist. Don’t be too saleys. Keep it light and fun.


These massage promotion ideas work any time of year, not just Valentine’s Day. The key is to find a strategy that works for you - one that you're good at and comfortable with. Then use that strategy consistently.

This month you’re focused on Valentine’s Day, but in a couple months you’ll start a similar campaign for Mother’s Day. Stick with what you know works, and spend a little time experimenting with new ideas. Each promotion will have it’s own twist, but your goal is the same.

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