New Booking & Scheduling Settings To Better Your Business

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April 24, 2024

Online booking and scheduling updates example

Smooth business operations help you return to doing what matters most: helping others. So this Spring, we’ve updated the ClinicSense online booking and scheduling settings to better serve you, your business, and your clients. 

This article will cover the key online booking and scheduling updates recently launched, including what’s new and why we released these new features.

Online Booking Has A New Look And Feel

We have updated the ClinicSense online booking module to have a more modern look and feel that your clients will love to use.

Thousands of people have tested this new version, and have reported it to be just as intuitive as before. 

The video below shows a live demo of the new online booking experience.

Agreeing To Your Cancelation Policy Is Now Mandatory

Getting your clients to agree to your cancellation policy is important because it helps build strong client relationships and protects you against chargebacks, disputes, and potentially lost income.

Prior to this update, a dissatisfied client could have disputed a charge for a no-show or late cancellation with their credit card company, and without proof on your end, you could have been left out of pocket. 

The good news is that when you have proof that they agreed to your cancellation and no-show policy in advance, you will have better protection against these chargebacks and disputes.

So, we have updated the online booking process to require clients to agree to your online cancellation policy anytime they book in.

You Can Customize Online Bookings For Services

Practitioners understand that building a relationship with a new client takes more time and energy than jumping back into the rhythm you have with an established regular. 

So, to set the relationship up for success, you may offer an "initial visit" service.

With this new scheduling update, you can now control what services new clients, existing clients, or both can book. In other words, this feature will help ensure that new clients always book the "initial visit", while existing clients don't.

The video below shows how you can set up your services in this customized way.


You Can Customize Online Bookings For Practitioners

Depending on your availability and client base, you may or may not be open to taking on new clients. 

So we’ve added a new setting that allows you to choose who can book with you online: new clients, existing clients, or both.

This setting is available on your practitioner profile, and you can have a different setting for each practitioner in your office.

This new feature will make the online booking process smoother for your clients while supporting your business initiatives. 

The video below shows how you how you can customize who can book in with whom.

Thank you for reading. We are always working to improve and evolve ClinicSense to ensure you have the best tool for the job so you can get back to doing what matters most.

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