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6 Things To Look For In Your Massage Scheduling Software

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February 16, 2024

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Believe it or not, massage scheduling software can help prevent burnout. In an industry with a high burnout out rate, that’s a BIG deal. Studies by the ABMP show massage therapists often burn out within 3-5 years. Physical strain, emotional stress, and the mental demands of running a business are part of daily life for massage therapists. Using software to lighten the load can significantly reduce stress and the demands on your time. Let’s look at how that works and how to make it work for you.

Why Is Good Massage Scheduling Software Important?

Good massage scheduling software can completely change the way you do business. When you use scheduling software, clients can book appointments at their leisure without calling you. More appointments get booked, with fewer interruptions to your work day. Decreasing busy work is one of many ways massage therapists can prevent burnout.

Fewer Interruptions

Nothing gets in the way of productivity like a ringing phone. Massage therapists have so much to do between appointments. Laundry needs doing, linens need to be changed, treatment rooms need sanitizing, SOAP Notes need writing, and most importantly, therapists need time to rest. Al that can feel like a lot - but just imagine if returning phone calls and scheduling appointments weren’t on your to do list.

Less Overhead

Clients don’t like to leave a message. They want to schedule an appointment. Missing those phone calls results in lost revenue. There are two ways to avoid that problem: hire a receptionist or use scheduling software. A receptionist will cost you thousands every month. Software will run you less than the cost of a single massage each month.

Stress Relief

Managing your schedule, the needs of your staff, and the wants of your clients can be overwhelming. Letting software do it for you eliminates a lot of stress. With scheduling software, massage therapists can set clear boundaries on their time. You can set your availability for client care, and free up time for more self-care for massage therapists.

Streamline Your Process

When you use massage therapy software, everything becomes more organized, more efficient, and less time-consuming. Plus, you can completely eliminate paper. You can automate your whole process from scheduling, collecting medical history, charting, and payments. Everything is done in one place with minimal effort.

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What Are The Top 6 Things To Look For In Massage Scheduling Software?

The top things to look for in massage scheduling software are essentials that make your life easier and fit the needs of your practice. Look for customization, automation, and integration with other software and other platforms used in your business. Also, consider how user-friendly the software is.

Here are the top 6 things to look for in massage scheduling software:

  1. Online scheduling For Every Platform
  2. Customizable Intake Forms
  3. Customizable SOAP Notes
  4. Automation
  5. User-Friendly Experience
  6. Payment Integration
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Online Scheduling For Every Platform

Choose massage scheduling software that works on every platform your brand exists on. Most wellness practices require a website, and many massage therapists use social media to advertise their business. Look for software that provides a Book Now widget for both your website and social profiles. 

Customizable Intake Forms

The beauty of online scheduling is you can collect intake forms before the client arrives for their appointment. This is a huge time saver and eliminates paper. Make sure this is an option for whatever scheduling software you choose. It’s important that the forms are customizable; so you can collect exactly the information you need and nothing that you don’t.

Customizable SOAP Notes

Look for scheduling software with SOAP Notes; so that all your client files are organized in one place. The best massage software has customizable SOAP notes that allow you to chart the way you want. SOAP Notes should fit the needs of your practice and the style of your therapists. That’s why customization is key.


The best massage software allows you to automate everything. The whole point of using software is not only that you don’t have to do it. You don’t have to think about it either! Look for software that automatically sends appointment reminders, as well as winback campaigns to clients who haven’t scheduled recently. 

User-Friendly Experience

You want software that’s easy to use both for your staff and for your clients. Avoid complex systems that will take your staff weeks to learn and intimidate your clients. Simple really is better.

Payment Integration

The best massage scheduling software can collect credit card information securely. Asking for a credit card can reduce no-shows, streamline your checkout process, and enforce your cancellation policy. The most common POS systems for massage therapists are Square and Stripe. Look for software that integrates with whatever you use.

What Are The Best Apps For Mobile Massage Therapists?

Mobile massage therapists need to access their schedule and their client files all in one place, on their phone or tablet. That’s why the best apps for mobile massage therapists are from all-in-one practice management software with mobile apps, like ClinicSense.

What Is The Best Massage Scheduling Software?

ClinicSense has everything any massage therapy practice needs, with more control and flexibility than other options. Plus, it’s not just scheduling. For the price of simple scheduling software, you get software that can automate all your admin tasks and can even help market your massage business. 

Here are some key benefits of using ClinicSense:

  • Ultimate control over your schedule, without having to manage it. You set the parameters of your availability, breaks, time off, ect. The software does the rest. Plus, you can choose who controls whose schedule. You can allow staff to manage their own schedules, or you can be in control of that.
  • Want to streamline your schedule and avoid time-wasting gaps between appointments? No problem. You can set your online schedule to only display available appointment times that are next to appointments already booked.
  • There’s a whole suite of marketing tools, many of them are automated. This eliminates the need for multiple systems. It can all happen in one place (and for one low price).
  • Customization in everything. Everything from intake forms to SOAP notes can be customized to exactly what you need. 
  • Plus, it’s HIPAA Compliant.
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