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Package Deals: The Natural Way To Encourage Rebookings

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March 25, 2024

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A common theme on the ClinicSense blog is the importance of developing a base of long-term clients to ensure the success of your business. While keeping a stream of new clients coming in the door is important, having your existing clients rebooking often is what will truly keep your appointment book full. This is because of the high effort and cost it takes to attract a new client versus asking an existing client if they’d like to book another appointment.


We’ve found that sometimes practitioners can be shy to ask the client if they would be like to rebook because they don’t want to come off as “sales-y”. While we’d certainly encourage asking for a rebooking every time, one easy way to get your feet wet with rebookings is to offer treatment packages.


A treatment package is simple. The client pays up front for 5 or maybe 10 treatments in exchange for a volume discount (often 10-25%). The advantage of a treatment package is that your pitch is not very “sales-y” and there is a very clear benefit for the client. Here is a potential script you can use:


“Mary, I just wanted to let you know that if you’d like to make massage a regular part of your healthcare regimen, you can save up to 25% through one of my treatment packages. Here is a bit of info.”


…and then hand her a brochure with your package details.


If the client is interested, a treatment package is a win-win situation. They receive a discount and you have guaranteed that they will be in for a minimum number of sessions without having to ask for a rebooking each time. Additionally, once the client has received all of the treatments they purchased in their package, they are even more likely to purchase another package now that they have had experience with the benefits of your services.


To get started, keep things simple. Come up with just one or two package deals and offer them to your clients. Experiment with different ideas like number of treatments in a package, types of treatments in a package, or even change the deal from a discount, to an additional, 10 minutes on each session. Keep track of what is working and soon you’ll be able to finalize effective treatment package deals to offer in the long-run.

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