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How to Get More Massage Clients with Referrals & Reviews

How to get more massage clients

Do you have openings in your schedule this month? Empty time slots mean less income and wasted time. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to get more massage clients.


In a perfect world, you’d have enough clients to fill your workday. You’d have a break when needed, and enough money in your bank account to pay for the things you want. That’s possible, but you need enough massage clients to meet that benchmark. Let’s take a look at how to get those clients.


Word of mouth advertising is the best way to get more massage clients

When it comes to marketing your massage business there’s a world of options. You can come up with creative advertising ideas, design massage specials, and market yourself as a massage therapist to everyone you know. Those ideas will work. However, the most effective way to get more massage clients is through word of mouth advertising.


Massage is such a personal experience, people want to hear from someone who’s met you before they commit to an appointment with you. It’s likely they tried other massage therapists before who claimed to do this or that but didn’t quite deliver. Or maybe their beloved massage therapist recently moved or retired. These potential clients want to find the right therapist, and they don’t want to waste their money trying several different therapists.


This is where word of mouth advertising comes in.


Here are the 2 best ways to get more massage clients.

1. Referrals

2. Good reviews


Often, people who are looking for a therapist like you are asking around for a referral. They are also doing research online, finding local massage therapists, and reading reviews about massage businesses in their neighborhood.


Don’t leave your name being mentioned up to chance. You can drive word of mouth marketing.


How to get more massage clients with referrals


Referral rewards program


If you’re wondering how to get more massage clients, start with referrals.


Some of your clients will refer their friends and family on their own. Some people are natural connectors. Their social activities often involve connecting others, getting people together who don’t know each other, or chatting someone else up over coffee. These clients are a great source of referrals. If you have anyone like this on your client list, nourish those relationships. Those clients will be the source of a lot of new business.


If you don’t have any clients like that, don’t worry. You don’t need to.


Your clients love what you do. That’s why they keep coming back. If they haven’t referred someone to you yet, it’s probably because they haven’t thought about it or the opportunity hasn’t come up. You can create the thought and the opportunity for them.


Here are a few ways to get more referrals:


1. Ask for them. This is massage marketing made simple. You literally only have to ask to receive. Ask clients to refer to anyone they think could use your services. Work this request into your script during the checkout process. Hand the client a couple of business cards when you do.


2. Create a referral rewards program. We all enjoy being rewarded. Create a little incentive by offering a small discount for referring a friend. You could even make a game out of it by offering a significant discount or free service once they refer X number of new clients. Make it fun and rewarding for everyone, including you.


3. Reach out to local health and wellness providers. Doctors, chiropractors, personal trainers, yoga instructors, and physical therapists have patients/clients who need you. Contact professionals like this in your neighborhood. Offer them a complimentary massage as a means for them to see if you’re a good fit for their patients. If they’re impressed, send them off with a stack of your business cards.


How to get more massage clients by getting good reviews


Massage 5 star review


A good review goes a long way towards selling you as the go-to massage therapist in your area. People browsing online for the right therapist are looking for social proof. Your massage website might say all the right things, but they don’t want to hear from you. They want to hear it from your clients.


How do you get more people to leave a review? 

  • Ask them to.
  • Make it easy.

Essentially, all you have to do is ask. However, if this request is going to take time or involve several steps, most people won’t. So, before you ask, figure out where and how you want them to leave a review. Then, find a way to get that information to them in the simplest form possible, like a link to your review page on google. They are much more likely to do it if all they have to do is click on something.


8 ideas for getting more massage clients to post a review:


1. Add the link to your review page to the bottom of your massage receipt template.


2. Add the link to your review page to your email signature.


3. Ask people during the checkout to leave a review, and hand them a card with details on how to do that (or mention that there’s a link on their e-receipt).


4. Put a sign on your front desk advertising how to leave a review and thanking people for their help in making your business a success.


5. Send a post-appointment text with a link to your review site.


6. If someone checks in to your business on Facebook, send them a private message asking them to leave a review.


7. Create an email marketing campaign asking people to help you reach a new sales goal. Encourage them to help by leaving a positive review on google or yelp.


8. When someone gives you special words of praise, thank them graciously. Then ask if they are willing to post that praise as a review online.


Your happy clients are your biggest supporters. They may not know the best way they can support you is to post positive reviews about their experience. If you ask nicely, most will be happy to do you that small kindness.




A word of warning: It is unethical and against many review sites' terms and conditions to incentivize positive reviews. This means you CANNOT offer people a discount or a free service in exchange for posting a review online. If you do offer a discount for posting a review, legally those reviews have to be posted as “paid reviews.” You’ve probably seen this on amazon, and a paid review doesn’t hold much wait for prospective clients.